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The student transitional education program STEP has served students since it was first implemented inaccording to a five-year synopsis of the initiative.

Wally Hindes U.S. House correspondent. A federal judge has ordered North Korea to pay a half (b) billion dollars to the family of a young American who died last year after being detained by the. Dear Twitpic Community - thank you for all the wonderful photos you have taken over the years. We have now placed Twitpic in an archived state. Global Incident Map Displaying gang activity, gang arrests, etc.

Of those students, 58 percent have returned to a traditional classroom setting with 45 days, and 4 percent stayed in the program for more than a year. A man is being treated for exposure after he was found walking around campus early Sunday morning, UND Police said. Officers responded about 1 a. Officers found the man walking near Memorial Stadium before he was taken to Altru Hospital.

Weigel declined to identify the man or specify what injuries he had, though he confirmed he was not a UND student and there were some exposure concerns. Residents from across the Devils Lake region have donated 90 prom dresses for the inaugural affair.

A Grand Forks man has been accused of causing a woman to crash her vehicle into a light pole while fighting with her. Tyler Jeremy Madison, 27, appeared Thursday in Grand Forks District Court on a Class C felony charge of reckless endangerment, a crime that carries a maximum punishment of five years in prison. A no travel advisory has been issued for eastern North Dakota due to snow and blowing snow creating icy road conditions and near zero visibility.

Timothy Merle Conger, 25, of Bagley, Minn. He also was given 24 months in prison, but that sentence was suspended for four years as long as he follows the conditions of his probation. Scott Krolak, 49, had an initial appearance hearing Tuesday in Marshall County District Court for a felony count of soliciting a child through electronic communication to engage in sexual conduct.

A criminal complaint filed Dec. Skip to main content. Severe Weather Announcements 1. April Baumgarten Primary tabs View active tab Contact. Have a story idea? Contact Baumgarten at Newscrime and courts. Herald analysis shows police chases in GF doubled inresulting in recent high mark. Program a bridge back to classroom for students with special needs.

Man treated for exposure after found on UND campus. They are going to give more girls the opportunity to benefit from the program. Please provide any more information that might help. I'd love to know this as well NT -- No name I know Karen Stallings was Miss Greensboro via a sweeps title last year and made top Historically, many of the Sweeps winners have been well prepared returners. Sweeps info -- No name Gaines and Stallings did rather well last year and in years prior to last year Sweeps contestants have shown out also.

Sweeps info NT -- No name Miss NC Candidates -- No name Three more Miss contestants crowned last night. Cabarrus is next week. It's all so mysterious! Miss High Point is bringing it this year. Their queen is putting in the time and sharpening her pencil. She's getting fit and looking fabulous. She will definitely be one to watch at Miss NC.

If her interview is just as good as her talent she'll be smooth sailing into the top 5. I'd honestly Sex Fargo North Dakota va woman shocked if she wasn't one of the last two standing.

Everyone reading these boards realize you are either the committee or a family member to the Miss. Miss High Point -- No name Any word on any other contestants for any of the upcoming pageants? She's not in either of those. She's not in Central Carolina. Keri and Janasia had great talents hope they compete again! EmmaLee 1st RU at Charlotte. Has anyone looked at the Guru board? MAO is becoming and crap show.

I am losing all confidence. Now, they've done it again and the Mrs. America Organization has decided to capitalize on it by introducing new Miss State pageants to compliment its Mrs. Everything about NC, if someone disagrees or says anything that may be considered a slam on the program gets wiped out.

Wonder who this guru is? One year things were said about other state girls and left up Sex Fargo North Dakota va woman if the same things were said about Victoria they were quickly deleted. If people commented on the double standard, it was deleted as well. It didn't make people from other states like her. They thought there was a slant to try to give her an edge. Whoever is doing it should stop it because it isn't doing our girls or state any favors if people think we are being shown favoritism?

Anything about the national leaders that is not mean and derogatory is quickly erased. People get banned for daring to have a contrary opinion. A thread about Carlson's lifetime special was erased. Because the poster dared to say it was a fine piece. If those Amidon North Dakota women searching for men Lowell hot girls us who are involved in the State and local system can't bear to tolerate a new direction without nastiness, the entire spirit of the organization is doomed NT -- No name It was deleted because people who disagreed with it started going to far with sharing they didn't believe she deserved any public respect.

She'll win Capital City or Clayton if she competes there. Still swimsuit and that is definitely her strong point. Her talent is fun and very good, too, and she is certainly a lovely girl.

This is normally a very competitive pageant. Look at last year. Easily the worst talent there she has no chance NT -- No name Lousy talents have been winning. Five Miss contestants for Charlotte. They can't give a Mecklenburg crown as well with only five contestants, can they? Just crowning Miss Charlotte -- No name Did they award more than two crowns? They awarded 3 Miss with 7 contestants NT -- No name Miss Gastonia had 10 Miss contestants. There were 9 Miss contestants. No rules were broken.

Miss Mecklenburg is Sex Fargo North Dakota va woman rigged pageant! How reckless of the state committee to allow such a farce of an event for such obvious reasons. Anything for the submissive state group get more titles on their report to Sex dating in Hurlock. A pageant that crowned three titles last year couldn't even crown two this year because girls Sex Fargo North Dakota va woman it would be weighted and now it is happening all over Sex Fargo North Dakota va woman.

Whom is "the winner"? And Cabarrus Co on the 9th? Info for a newbie. Some states will give a min for showing up, some will only award if you place or win a prelim. What does NC do? They use to, but stopped Sex Fargo North Dakota va woman most girls didn't claim it. It just sat there unused. Sadly, some Top Ten and Top Five never claim their scholarship winnings either.

I come from a state that made us do that, instead of having the local Sex Fargo North Dakota va woman. Certainly something to consider before choosing where to compete NT -- Sex Fargo North Dakota va woman name I don't want to name counties but girls paying out of pocket is common.

It is more than true. My info may be out of date, but that's how it was for a long time. Sell a bunch of Sex Fargo North Dakota va woman and get the board paid for.

Sex Fargo North Dakota va woman not every local foots the bill NT -- No name As far as I know, if you are a MISS contestant, your board for pageant week is covered includes mealsand every girl takes home some amount. I am not sure if some girls didn't have the expense but many do have the expense. They can't complain or they are labeled as Sex Fargo North Dakota va woman makers.

Some girls are responsible for paying for their entire room and board. College and High School tours. She could do so in support of music and arts programs. Also touch on the Good fuck in Kamioshira aid benefits of scholarships with the organization. Seems like a great way to introduce the program to potential candidates.

Sex Fargo North Dakota va woman I Ready Teen Fuck

Charlotte-Mecklenburg is next week. Heard Autumn Hubbard is Oh I Lady seeking hot sex Weatherby Lake she is!!! No photos of contestants. According to the latest Sex Fargo North Dakota va woman from Jacob Goodwin, it looks like the Miss N. What makes you think that? The pageant could still be held in Raleigh and sponsored by the City of High Point and it's tourism association just as the Cherokee Indian's sponsored Miss NC last year as a way to potentially bring people to Cherokee.

What does Raleigh do to help the state pageant? Who is going to win Miss JoCo Sex Fargo North Dakota va woman weekend? I love hearing her sing NT -- No name Who were the Miss North Carolina and runners up? Read Notrh for -- No name Alicia Lassiter, Miss Garner, who was a double preliminary winner.

She came back in and won swimsuit and made Top Casual hot sex seeking mature woman for nsa play. Top 10 both times.

She had bee Miss Rocky Mount and top ten the year before. She is married and lives in Raleigh with her family. She is still strikingly beautiful. Plus, is she any relation to Kelli Bradshaw? Top 10 and 1st ru. She is not related to Kelli. Other than Chrissy Taylor and Stacy Parker have there been any other returning 1st runner-ups that did not place when they came back?

I have a copy of the Miss California when Alicia was in it. What was the other year she competed in California? Who won Johnston county? Will a newbie win Miss NC or a repeater??? The last one standing and before you ask No, we will not have a chance at Miss America -- No name Sex Fargo North Dakota va woman, Beautiful adult ready real sex Minot It depends on the judges and who they know NT -- No name High Point Sex Fargo North Dakota va woman easily make Top 5.

Is there a date yet Social sex cagliari Miss NC? June 22, NT -- No name Just thinking about all of the controversy.

Do you think attendance will go down? With as few contestants as they will have this year, Interviews could be done on Thursday, prelims on Friday and finals on Saturday.

Shelby, Wilson, Mountain Glory, Belmont It's not in the contract. Many have stated they won't be. Cat White--she'd do so well in Miss! Would love to see her do a "Faggart" and win both the Teen and Miss crowns! Outenst RU the first time at State, then never competed again. She has so much promise. Women seeking sex Central Coast time at State, top 5 finish.

I was rooting for her the whole time and felt she was robbed of a top 15 placement in ' Mower--so much presence, such a delightful lady, talented, and sexy! Huff--too cute for the room. Taylor Loyd--this girl is going places.

I get it--they've moved on with their lives and will make an impact elsewhere. Maybe they are delaying her graduation so she can Sex Fargo North Dakota va woman She has been homeschooled this entire year. Too young technically for Miss? The whole age thing gets so complicated NT -- No name She is 17 but she is a senior She's been posting college acceptances on her facebook where it also says she does online school NT -- No name She is 17 and meets the eligibility requirements.

The rules state a teen contestant cannot have graduated high school prior to July Online school and homeschool are the same thing Sex Fargo North Dakota va woman. Why isn't there a Miss Shelby pageant this year? She has Sex Fargo North Dakota va woman several since this pageant ended. Piedmont is in a week.

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Nothing on their Facebook page. Are they holding the pageant or has it been postponed? One competed in Asheville this year. Don't know the others. All new NT -- No Sex Fargo North Dakota va woman You'll have more judges than contestants.

Pack it up until Fall Four contestants is a waste of time for all the efforts of judges and the Miss NC committee and guests. Their former queens have faired well in the past at Miss NC. And I also noticed the Miss Hawaii live sex chat the traditional red letter sash and not the new black block letter sash.

We all know NC judges just selects the same girls everytime! Mark it down lolil NT -- No name I marked it down Lichfield fuck buddy for free was right! Has there ever been a year when the 1st, 3rd, and 4th runner ups from the previous years Miss NC Pageant all compete together the next year?

The year Stovall won; Faggart was 1st runner ip, Huggins was 3rd and Lee was 4th. All 3 return the following year. They are both very talented girls. Since numbers at locals seem to be down, would it be possible if Sweeps were opened to anyone, not just current titleholders or women who've competed and not won? It might convince some formers to give it a shot at the last minute, and not have to necessarily be bound Sex Fargo North Dakota va woman a contract for a year Sweeps is open to anyone.

I was always under the impression it was for a queen who gave up a title and hadn't had a chance to compete until she crowned her successor, or for women who competed at at least one local that season but did not win. I had no idea it was open for anyone! And is it true that there will NOT be swimsuit at Sweeps and it will reflect what will happen in June?

For contestants who competed in any local preliminary during the Sex Fargo North Dakota va woman pageant season without winning a title or any queen who gave up her title during the current pageant season. Anyone can compete in Sweeps. Maya is adorable NT Sex Fargo North Dakota va woman No name Maya is adorable -- No name Miss Garner pageant -- No name What does this mean? I didn't know NT -- No name I didn't know -- No name Anything else in November?

Good luck to all these ladies! Personally rooting for Jerenae NT -- No name Her name sounds so familiar. Is Wilson not having a pageant this year? Is she planning to compete after her year is up?

Women Seeking Casual Sex Belmont Massachusetts

I thought she'd aged out NT -- No name Both great vs and fit the 2. Also, final ballot will be used Sex Fargo North Dakota va woman -- No name Sex Fargo North Dakota va woman talent is truly going to be a factor, then truly talented women should place, not mediocre talents with great bodies in swimsuit.

That's gone bye bye. I want to see a very Sex Fargo North Dakota va woman, intelligent, social activist, passionate about her platform and other social issues. I don't get that vibe from the past few years' finalists. It will be interesting to see how it all plays out NT -- No name Some old school die hards will not comply no matter what the new rules dictate, and having them choose a winner who will be, again, overlooked, is just wrong and unfair to her and NNorth the women who now fit the new bill.

Like it or not, this is the new Miss America program. Moderator, please delete NT -- No name Anyone know who's competing?

No names I've heard of. If it's new blood they want, they have it NT -- No name Why do they call out all the winners at one time?

Farbo robs the winners of their moment in the spotlight and instead makes them share it. Continues to Dakoga the worst crowning moments ever. Nothing posted on social media. Pageant is tomorrow NT -- No name Looks like a great turnout Where can I find these posts?

Thank you NT -- No name vva, Contestants headshots not posted but there is a group shot of the teens. Emily Miller is a returner teen. Laura was great as the emcee! Super special for Nia and Cheslie to be led down the aisle right before it started to the surprise of everyone!!! I guess all bets are off in regard to the rules. Where Sex Fargo North Dakota va woman the field director?

Further evidence that the MAO is imploding. However, I love Chesli Kyrst, so it was nice to see her. She only wore her crown in her seat So you had better get off the board now before your mother gets home. So why don't you stay home so the program can advance? No need to get snarky. My new Married ladies wants sex tonight Dumfries John Boy Billy Sex Fargo North Dakota va woman, who works as a meat cutter down at the Piggly Wiggly just spent the hard earned money that he was saving up for a used double wide and bought me FFargo brand new pair of "girls.

For your information, I don't need a padded bra from the Wal-Mart or anywhere else. Does anyone have a recent, independent audit of the books for Miss NC and the scholarship fund? My organization is looking to add a philanthropic partner to our HR initiatives, but it needs to have some data to pitch to corporate. Is there is some info that is publicly available? Directors need to get out and find new talent. The ones that competed last year didn't win. And this is a talent system now.

I enjoy seeing girls go after their goal year after year. But many left clapping are the best titleholders and do a great job representing their communities. They gaiin so much during their year of service, as does their community. So go for it! Most local titleholders understand their shot at the state crown is totally subjective and every year we get a bunch of head scratchers in the top 15, 10, and 5.

Anything from High Point? What is her history in locals? Wo,an she Miss Metrolina one year? Show was ridiculously overpriced. Susan Griffin should have been featured more prominently. Winner is very good. She sang the national anthem and presented the talent award that was named after her. What else do you expect? Surprised she did not place, but there were 4 of the seven in the running Sex Fargo North Dakota va woman the title.

Meghan was clear winner for OT- My opinion. In Miss- It was very competitive. Show was very good and quick. In wokan than 2 hours they crowned the winners with 12 total contestants. Tickets were a little higher than average however, the production was pretty amazing for a local level.

Definitely has the talent NT -- No name She is very talented, appears to have a good interview, and very pretty. Five and ten is what you paid in the 's Mildred. Want Hot lady seeking hot sex Whitehorse guess how much an auditorium and scholarship awards combined cost? A damn good production I may add!

Sex Fargo North Dakota va woman

That's clearly your opinion. Can I ask an honest question?? Why is it that people on here talk so much negativity about Beth and Fwrgo board but then do not say anything about the real vilians that Housewives wants sex tonight KS Belleville 66935 or are a part of this system. I have Farog so many comments and posts about removing the directors that are doing a great job, but then not calling out the directors or leaders of locals that are HORRIBLE.

We Daakota they are the ones sitting and stirring the pot constantly. I think the problem with Beth and the board is they haven't always protected the Sex Fargo North Dakota va woman when they know a local has done them wrong.

They are so busy trying to keep the numbers that they forget about the program purpose. There is a specific one that most of us know keeps the pot stirred. I was trying to understand. Sex Fargo North Dakota va woman pageants in September. If Miss America does away with state titles, aren't those titles essentially up for grabs?

Ending Domestic & Sexual Violence. We have For the most part, wealthy women. PM ET In Norfolk,Va. the YWCA South Hampton Roads's crisis. Sweet women want sex West Fargo North Dakota, local personals search hairy pussy in petersburg va Married woman seeking real sex Atlantic Beach. The Fargo VA Healthcare System Women's Health Program targets programs Treatment for substance abuse and military sexual trauma is.

Could there just be a local and state organization promoting scholarship and beauty? It'd be a new pageant. But why the heck not? There are still likely hundreds or thousands of people around the country that volunteer or compete on the local and state levels NT -- No name Then would titleholders be able to serve their local communities, make contacts, promote their charities, gain scholarship money, etc?

There are still likely hundreds or thousands of people around the country that volunteer or compete on the local and state levels -- No name I think having strong local organizations that keep these women flush with scholarship money, sponsorships, etc might be incentive for them to be a great representative of the area.

It'd be a great Sex Fargo North Dakota va woman time, weekend job, speaking, performing, hosting, being seen and active in the local community NT -- No name Not qualified to hold a local Could Sex Fargo North Dakota va woman agree more!

What a shady organization, Beth clearly will let any new local through the gate without any vetting. Good luck to anyone crowned at this event. With nearly two decades of involvement, I would say her qualifications are greater than most of local directors Miss NC. I think this could be a 59 280 white guy looking to finally make Raleigh notice the counties west of Statesville. I haven't seen anything about Miss contestants.

Emerald Ridge a flop from the start, poor planning and marketing. Beth will really accept anyone with the cash for a franchise. I didn't know you could have an OT pageant without a Miss. I wasn't being "salty". I just didn't know. I Sex Fargo North Dakota va woman happy that they are trying to start a new local.

They will figure it out and hopefully give young women a platform in their area. This is another case of Sex Fargo North Dakota va woman state ED letting any new local start up, regardless of ability, to boost the numbers at the state pageant in fear of losing her franchise if numbers slip.

Look at Emerald Ridge, Zebulon, etc to Safe online dating tips Caseyville services that numbers are down this year and weak locals are fizzling out.

Everyone is having the problem. Maybe new locals could use a veteran ED to give them advice and mentor them for the first few years. I have my own opinion and will spill it soon enough. You would think that if you are willing to do the work, you should be able to start a local. What was the reason they said no? Everything has moved around a bunch from what I understand. You would think they would be posting something to maybe draw more people in to buy tickets. Does anyone know who the contestants are?

Who's competing in Piedmont? It was rescheduled because of weather and not enough contestants. Laura and Caroline will be in attendance.

There are 4 teens. Keelie Jones competing NT -- No name That girl has stage presence like no other. Keelie Jones will win. Keelie won NT -- No name Sex Fargo North Dakota va woman, I was told the entire program ran start to finish in right over an hour. Beautiful books, cheap ticket prices, great venue, wonderful contestants, and what a way to spotlight the veterans. Miss Zebulon and Miss Stanly County are this weekend. Anyone know anything about who's competing?

The following is a list of the most populous incorporated places of the United defined by the United States Census Bureau, an "incorporated place" includes a variety of designations, including city, town, village, borough, and municipality. A few exceptional census-designated places (CDPs) are also included in the Census Bureau's listing of incorporated places. April Baumgarten joined the Grand Forks Herald May 19, , and covers crime and education. She grew up on a ranch 10 miles southeast of Belfield, where her family raises registered Hereford cattle. About Wells Fargo Bank. Wells Fargo Bank was established on Jan. 1, Headquartered in Sioux Falls, SD, it has assets in the amount of $1,,,,

Stanly County 4 Miss Contestants NT -- Chloe castles, Nice Sex Fargo North Dakota va woman of contestants with 4 being eoman local title holders as a Miss or a Teen. It should be a great show! Good luck to these ladies! I'm calling it for Shyquel NT -- No name Travis has already been on probation and had many complaints against him, you can see from the way the pageant goes that inexperience and ego is the way of life there. He must be doing something right. What complaints are you talking about?

High Point is a disaster of a program and will not vw back next year. Bella Gaines Miss Goldsboro. Raeford did not compete. Raeford did not compete because she has not been released. Miss Garner is tomorrow night. Any clue who is competing? Another local with small numbers. Where are the new faces? Garner has thousands of I heard big girls gag best college students and didn't find a single new one.

They have always been high, but this is getting out of hand! We will stay home and watch for updates on Facebook, too rich for our family. By Sex Fargo North Dakota va woman ba live videos you are hurting the pageant you are attending and the organization you are supporting. If you want them to be successful, you should instead be promoting ticket sales and stop doing facebook live videos.

Kathlene Beam blue ridge valley. Paige Henderson Asheville -- No name Beam is a monster tapper, Henderson is wicked smart and has a spark, and the teen is just adorable.

I'm pulling for top 15 finishing for all three at the very least NT -- No name Great dancer NT -- Sex Fargo North Dakota va woman name The Zebulon pageant was a sloppy experience, did anyone else go?

93930 Cheer For Single Mom Perhaps

I am surprised they were so unprepared as a returning group who won an award at state. I totally agree, Sex Fargo North Dakota va woman was there as well and I'm glad my daughter didn't choose this one to compete in.

Calling out all 5 placements in the teen division is crushing and cruel to the contestants. And the vulgar swimsuit music with dozens of cuss words? The EDs womqn to get a refresher on empowering young women.

Did they not attend the practice? Go out with a bang. So why would the state folks mind an edgy swimsuit portion in a local? Wish they'd just eliminate it now. Indiana already has NT -- No name Who were the judges and how was the judges Ladies want casual sex Beverly WestVirginia 26253 skewed? Good luck to all!!!

Toria Mangum 4th RU. Scarlett Short, Emily Miner semi finalists. By the time the girls pay for their room, ads, gift basket for auction, intro outfit, tickets, visitation sign, stand to hold visitation sign, and several other add on fees. Fwb Rockingham pussy wanting many new faces being crowned!

Any word on former Miss contestants competing in the coming weeks? No name Shaking my head at Teen decision [ Edit View ]. On stage question of Sex Fargo North Dakota va woman was terrible! NT -- No name Confused There was really no other way to describe it. Cassidy was the clear winner in all phases. Wasn't trying to put anyone down. Maybe your daughter should have put in more work rather than "stepping away.

Sorry, but someone was questioning Cassidy's win. I never said that the other girls weren't good. Cassidy was just the best. I guess you're entitled to take my post however you wish.

Have a nice evening. Miss New Mexico Executive Director Sex Fargo North Dakota va woman criminal investigation for fraud, extortion, price gouging and Sex Fargo North Dakota va woman. Is Western Carolina being retired? Western Carolina has been retired. Just two Miss, two teen titles. Saw a picture of a few contestants on Facebook. Kathleen beam is among the hopefuls NT -- No name Well, not really necessary to require an acknowledgment since the facts speak for themselves.

Then use the experience you gain and go to another state to win and become Miss America. Because as a black Ladies want real sex Death valley California 92328 those are the truly the best odds. Black women don't need NC but NC apparently needs them if they ever want to be relevant again. Do I wish they had come back to NC? Yes, but they made different choices.

Kim was young, Marjorie competed when Sex Fargo North Dakota va woman carried weight and likely the points didn't show in her favor given how the scoring was set back then. As for Nia, she improved in every category from the time she competed in NC.

Also, don't forget the job of Miss NC and that is taken into consideration when selecting who walks away with the crown. I think that is why strong competitors place but don't always win. Kimberly Aiken was from SC. So really hard to count those two as being from NC. Pageant aside I mean actually raised here NT -- No name Miss NC is a job and it's important that the woman who has that job is really invested in our state, not just invested in winning a state crown and getting to Miss America.

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The real deal is that the standards to win are different and much higher for black Sex Fargo North Dakota va woman and that is flat out wrong and discriminatory.

You can get on this board and the national board all day and explain this away but the bottom line is had Nia, Kim and Marjorie actually Sex Fargo North Dakota va woman in NC the years they won their state and then Miss America - in the years that according to your standards they were all "ready to win" - all of these women would have been left on the N.

The issue for me is not an "affirmative action" issue. It's that when Black women are deserving, N. Only one girl wins each year, not great odds for anyone. NC needs to select out of Louisville Kentucky fuck slut judges. This year could be totally different with all the changes.

That's a pretty big assumption that is nicely supporting your argument but there is no evidence to prove that. Does North Carolina need better judges absolutely but I firmly do not believe that these women who are women of color or being slighted in the years in which they competed.

They were better by the time they got to the Miss America Stage. Now Housewives looking sex tonight Devonport a fact. That they went on to win other states and win Miss America.

That of all the winners over the decades Top seeking hot Reading for fuck n go only 1 woman who is black has been crowned. That in all the years of existence N.

That in the last 10 years N. These are also facts and what you've stated about their readiness is your opinion that just so neatly excuses N. NT -- So the hell what, They are giving the exact performance in other states and winning. Saying that they are better because they were deprived justifiable recognition is an insult. They should have no knowledge of any of the contestants because it changes the outcome. The fairest pageant is when the judges have never seen or know anyone who knows or is friends with any local or state director or Sex Fargo North Dakota va woman of the contestants.

Nia may have won in NC if that had been the case. If a charge is a thinly veiled nudge towards a few certain contestants, even an out of state judge will get the hint. Or maybe it's not so thinly veiled. Then there's the top 15 meeting.

Body language speaks volumns and if the ED is wretchig in the corner when a particular name is called, or she's doung handsprings and smiling broadly, the message is received. I'm not saying that's exactly how it's gone in the past, but some of the winners have been headscratchers.

Recent top 15's have been all over the place NT -- No name Which contestants who did not win Miss NC would you love to get a "do over"? Can be anyone from any year. And why do you think they would have made a great Miss NC?

Would they have Sex Fargo North Dakota va woman better in a different year? Any Miss NCS who you'd love to give a second shot? Just trying to focus on our wonderful women during such troubling times.

She just had the "it" factor for me. I started following Miss NC just a few years ago so I don't know a lot of the contestants. Cheslie Kryst was definitely a Sex Fargo North Dakota va woman. Surprised she didn't go to USA. Been a runner up the last two years. She is competing there again this year NT -- No name That will not impress the judges. Looks like she took it with an iPhone and a sheet in her house.

I recognize a name--Toria Mangum. She'll be competing at State as Miss Henderson. What does that mean for Miss Zebulon? Can they have their pageant with just 3 contestants? She'll be competing at State as Miss Henderson -- No name Professional level, amazing talent. Does she fall under these categories?

I can think of a few past years' contestants who I would love to see back on that stage. Sex Fargo North Dakota va woman they actually did well with the swimsuit requirement. Here's hoping NC sends a winner in I think having local and state competitions and years of service is competely doable here. How is MAO deciding who to revoke?

Has anyone heard Miss Piedmont was cancelled? Also, are contestant numbers down? I saw where Zebulon only has 4 contestants? Are girls not wanting to compete because of all of the uncertainties? It could be that or could be a little something called Hurricane Florence came to town. You can fix a local easy-peazee anywhere. Have your friends judge.

Have your friends audit. Judges and auditors have to be approved. Every local requires swimsuit and the old scoring except sweps in March, correct?

And State and sweeps will go under the new scoring? So potentially many girls at state will have assets that wont be scored and talents that may be too weak to sustain them? This makes no sense, is unfair and borders on unethical! Is anyone even bothering to compete again? I know Grace Ann aged out. What about Autumn, Madison, Courtney?

With no swim suit, they don't have a huge part of what made them stand out. Just being honest here. Even if NC went to the new competition format this very minute, there is absolutely no way to hold a competiiton as there are no score sheets updated, no auditors info reformatted.

Do you really think that the most talented young women are going to sit out Swinger Couples in Phoenix not compete at this point?

Unethical is pretty harsh criticism in my opinion. I'm confident that Autumn, Madison, Courtney and others are perfectly capable of competing under any set of guidelines. The NC top 5 last year ere very Miss America 1. I have spoken to all of them one on one at length and with so much emphasis being taken away from beauty and being plaed on talent and super intelligence, I wonder how a lot of our Sex Fargo North Dakota va woman are gong to fair.

It'll be interesting to say the least Sex Fargo North Dakota va woman -- No name Guru page suggests NC Ed is resigning? It was obviously not true so the moderator deleted it. It says that the candidate must be no older than 25 the year that she competes for Sex Fargo North Dakota va woman state title. So if a candidate were to be 25 at Miss NC and Miss America and turn 26 at the end of the year, would she still be eligible?

It should read "no older than 25 IN the calendar year she competes for state This is consistent with the population of NC. Many talented Belmont Shore California girl naked and most in Top 15 could easily have been Miss NC. Just sayin NT -- No name People can try to throw out tainted discussions trying to deflect Sex Fargo North Dakota va woman the real issue. Let's address the real issue and the problem would no longer be a problem.

We wouldn't have to congratulate the new Miss New York and the new Miss America who helped to make up those statistics presented. Embarrassing that NC let them get away. All any girl, regardless of color, wants is a fair playing field NT -- No name Observations From Being in Atlantic City. Except for a few signs on the boardwalk, you would have never known the MAO event was taking place. Usually the hotels have signs in their lobbies, there are signs on street light posts Atlantic City hardly acted Horny women in Junior we existed.

The parade was excellent.

Well-run and organized and good pacing. No deadly dull gaps.

The crowd in Convention Hall was flat. The two hosts were a disaster. No chemistry with the crowd or one another. We couldn't hear their names when they were announced and so Nort in the audience is going "who? Crowd size was down from previous years. Thick Claremont woman only looked better "in person" than it did on-line but not having a runway was horrible.

The new Miss America Sex Fargo North Dakota va woman wandered back and forth across the stage. Lots of booing when it was mentioned that there was no swimsuit competition this year.

I actually thought the event was better without the cheesy "entertainment acts. They had the Miss America "gift shop" set up in the lobby of Convention Hall. I Sex Fargo North Dakota va woman seen elementary school bake sales look more professional.

The same old tired stuff scattered on tables and if Dakotaa bought anything which few were doing the Daktoa had to be rummaged for in tacky cardboard boxes behind the table. It was an embarrassment. It was soman rainy dreary weekend weather-wise and there just wasn't a lot of enthusiasm anywhere.

Late night swingers West Sacramento chat Miss Ohio fans seemed to have that cornered. No shirts, no buttons, no signs. I thought it was a strong final five and that in itself should have generated some enthusiasm among the crowd, but it was ho-hum. I spoke with several folks who all said they really hoped their state queen came home to serve as Miss Whatever instead of being Sex Fargo North Dakota va woman America.

Have always enjoyed it and had a blast. This year was off. No enthusiasm at any level. No visible identity that the pageant vaa sorry, competition was even taking place.