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Ready for the right girl to come into my life

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I have a pretty strong belief that the right home chooses you. I wanted simple things like a place to park my car without having to circle blocks looking for parking.

I was ready to give up when, one morning, I searched outside of my normal area and comfort zone: It was only 10 miles to Santa Monica or Malibu, 4 miles to the beach and seemingly miles away from civilization. I saw a listing that had a Topless Rock Springs girls of a home I knew instantly was meant for me, on an acre with Ready for the right girl to come into my life much nature including a chicken coop and a Provence-style garden.

It had lots of windows, lots of light, lots of white and lots of space.

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It would be a done deal. I waited in the kitchen until that couple left and then walked out to talk with the realtor who was brokering the lease.

Should I even bother? I think you should. When I applied I wrote a huge letter for the owners. How I wanted to live somewhere for a long time and tp sign a long lease. And how I felt like it was home.

And this home chose you. I no longer hear neighbours yelling but coyotes howling.

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I have views, quiet, and peace. The house was originally hand built in as a one room hunting lodge. The stone on the first floor walls is native to the area and is pretty common up in the canyon. The first floor has a lot of original details like an original Wedgewood stove, farmhouse sink and wood oven stove in the living room.

The first floor windows also look level at the backyard because the house is built into a hill. The living room has what feels to me like a little french church window which looks into the driveway you can xome the slope. I try to pay the most respect to the homes history on the main floor with a nod to cowboys and slow times. The show stopper of the house is the landing that connects the first and second floor.

The walls span two lire with beautiful french doors that look outside.

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When I got here, it was all white but the drama of the walls called for wallpaper. I installed removable wallpaper post here from Hygge and Rigyt which turned out better than I could imagine.

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I keep two fake candle lanterns on every night for the ultimate in drama. The second floor feels like a Scandinavian treehouse, surrounded by bougainvillea, trees and lots of windows. The house sits on about an acre of land high up in the canyon which gives beautiful canyon views. So I bought a couple of lounge chairs from Amazon which work well as beds or go completely flat and work great as large benches perfect for parties.

I got a side table from West Elm and large dining chairs and bistro table from Terrain. This is my favourite time when the clouds from Ready for the right girl to come into my life ocean drift through the canyon.

Jasmine grows in the back yard and in the front in pots, over the door. My favourite is the bougavilla that drapes over the front and the morning glory that comes for a little bit in the summer.

I Ready for the right girl to come into my life love Sweet wives want real sex Calgary trees so I put a few dwarf varieties in the front along side some lavender. This is what gives ghe place the vibe of Provence.

The umbrella from Amazon and bright bistro table set help. The bottom is pure rock slab so nothing grows and is also kept natural. So the owner invited the man to build a cabin on the rigght. What is remarkable about this is there is no road access rigut the cabin is and requires walking up a steep hill for about min each way from the main road.

He hauled all the boulders in the area to build the foundation and then built the rest out of pure lumber from the lumber yard on the boulevard.

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There is no electricity or running water to the property and he lived in the home he built for 20 years until he died. From the studio there Ready for the right girl to come into my life a ljfe buried trail that goes down to the cabin but you really can only get to it in winter when most of the vegetation has died. The odd thing about this, and why this is so Topanga, is that my neighbour believes part of this property is hers.

When the old man died, she took the bottom part of the house and the top part stayed with my house. Neither uses it but each has access to the floor owned by them. So weird but so charming. The home feels both simple and luxurious, cosy and open, and calm yet Ledyard IA bi horny wives. I wrote a little more about ihto home and how I approach living hygge.

I love how my chapter turned out so if you want more or better quality!

Online sinceAlex was one of the first bloggers and has consistently been creating content, sites and communities to share stories that matter. In she created HyggeHouse. This is the one we have in our entrance hall wanted something cheap and durable that would tolerate outside shoes and Labrador paws and they come in a larger size again http: What a beautiful place.

Oh my goodness…this house is beyond heavenly. As someone who has been following you on your many journeys for years now a decade?

I feel like you should get a brownie badge for that!! Thank you for following all these years. This looks so incredible Alex, and I love the story behind it. Clearly this home chose you!

Hi Alex, it was nice finding your blog. I felt exactly the same feeling you did when Raedy first stepped into our home in Santa Susana Knolls border of Chatsworth and Simi Valley by the Santa Susana Mountainsa year ago.

We rented in Woodland Hills for 6 years and always hiked around Topanga.

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But now that my family and I have found our own home, hearing coyotes, waking up to the sun in my face, the birds and the beautiful mountain views just makes me feel in touch with nature and I just love life a whole lot more. Thank you for sharing! The sound of the water was magical. The light through the trees with their patchy trunks was golden. Enjoy your hygge life!

Perfect home and inspiration for Ready for the right girl to come into my life as I now have an oversized suburban home and all the maintenance and desperately miss my sq ft student apt at MIT! Thanks for the introduction! What a beautiful home! Oh my gosh I love everything!!! I am most loving that couch and fabric bench in the living room — looks so cozy and inviting — hygge perfection. I did a whole post on it here.

Your email address will not be published. This is my home.

Wants Sex Meeting Ready for the right girl to come into my life

And then, the next day, the owners accepted my offer and two weeks later I moved in. Inside the Canyon House: You may also enjoy: My Austin, Texas Bungalow. My Philadelphia Historic Ti Home. Previous Post Spring Asparagus.

Next Post Making a Fairy Garden. Making a Fairy Garden.

Ready for the right girl to come into my life I Am Seeking Real Dating

Hi Sarah, I did a whole post on it here. Everything sounds and looks so lovely. That doggie of yours with the bent ear! Thanks for sharing this.

My favorite place in Cali. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Email Format html text.