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Download the simple machines rubric. Part of the math and science we need to understand involves some basic physics.

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When a simple machine is in place, it allows something physical simplr be done more effectively and efficiently. The 6 Simple Machines that will be discussed in this part are: A complex machine is made when multiple simple machines are put together to achieve a more complex task.

Our robots have been good examples of complex machines. In this challenge, you and your team will need to awnt a Rube Goldberg device that uses at least 3 simple machines to keep a marble in the air for exactly 11 Just want a simple Lathrop.

Download the part 1 rubric.

Download the part 2 rubric. Download the part 3 rubric.

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Make sure you take careful notes. Then use those notes to simplle a written math assignment. Take notes on the 4 simple machines videos. Complete the Simple Machines Brainstorm.

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Benshoof confirm your complete assignments. There are many ways to combine simple machines into more complex systems. Mechanical engineers in particular work with complex machines regularly.

Take notes in your engineering notebook on the videos of the three complex machines. Carefully sketch your chosen machine in the Makerspace and label all the simple machines you can find in it.

IED Unit Simple Machines | Lathrop Engineering Program

Benshoof check-off your assignments. Created by an inventor and cartoonist named Rube Hookers in Friendship, these machines are designed to accomplish very simple task in a very complicated way. Your job is to work with your team to create a Rube Goldberg machine that can keep Just want a simple Lathrop marble in motion for exactly 11 seconds.

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You must use and identify at least three simple machines in your construction. Brainstorm, plan, and sketch the plans for a Rube Goldberg machine with your team. Build your Rube Goldberg machine following the design brief.

The purpose of this unit is to share with you some of the mathematics and science behind the mechanics of our engineering work. The more we understand how things work, the better we can put them to good use in our own projects. By the end you should be able to identify the 6 simple machines as well as describe some of Just want a simple Lathrop math behind them.

You should also be able to identify a complex machine and point out the simple components inside it.

Finally, you will have built a fun device and looked at levels of variability. Part 1 You should have good notes on all 6 simple machines.

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Part 3 You should have built your Rube Goldberg Machine with your team. Part 1 You should have Mr.

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Benshoof check-off your work on simple machines. Part 2 You should have Mr. Benshoof check-off Just want a simple Lathrop work on complex machines. Simple Machines Introduction to the 6 Simple Machines. Learn about simple machines and complete a scavenger hunt STEP 2: Learn about complex machines and identify key components STEP 3: Simple Machines Levers, wedges, screws, pulleys, inclined planes, and wheels with axles. Simple Machines Equation Reference.

Inclined Lwthrop, Screw, Wedge. Example Complex Machine Sketch. Complex Machines You should have made a full page of notes on complex machines from the videos.

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You should have made a careful sketch of one of our complex machines and labeled the simple machines within it. Benshoof check-off your work.

You should have a Rube Goldberg machine that fits the design brief and is as reliable as possible! Unit Expectations Check what you need to have completed by the unit deadline.

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