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Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Full text of " The South Devon Hunt: And time hath marred thy beauty, Come forth, lone relic of my fame, Thou well hast done thy duty. Time was when other tongues would Instant sex chat Dunchideock anyone Thy wavering notes of pleasure ; Now, miser-like, alone I gaze On thee, a useless treasure.

Some hearts may prize thy music still.

Since first Devonia felt the thrill That roused her sporting glory. Grace still in every vale abounds. But one dear charm is wanting. Instant sex chat Dunchideock anyone more I hear my gallant Instant sex chat Dunchideock anyone In chorus blithely chaunting. And there my steed has found a rest, Beneath the mountain heather That oft, like comrades sworn, we've prest In pleasure's train together. And some, who at thy call would wake. Hath friendship long been weeping ; A shriller note than thine must break Their deep and dreamless sleeping.

I, too, the fading wreath resign, For friends and fame are fleeting. Around his bolder brow Instant sex chat Dunchideock anyone twine, Where younger blood is beating. Henceforth, be mute, my treasured Horn, Since time hath marred thy beauty. And I, like thee, by toil am worn— We both have done our duty. The mere desire, however, to see justice done to a venerable institution was not alone responsible for the production of this work. So long as hunting exists the past history of a hunt will always be of some interest, and, at times, of some value, to hunting men, especially to members of the particular hunt concerned.

This interest increases as the vista of bygone years lengthens, and men begin to live more in the past than in the Instant sex chat Dunchideock anyone. Memory, however, is fickle and leads to surprising mistakes ; and tradition has no chance of life in these days ; so that, in the case of the South Devon Hunt, where changes of scene and players have been many and confusing, there appeared a likelihood of the true facts and sequence of events becoming obscured, if not lost altogether.

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But to have either interest or value, a history must be true. My chief aim, there- fore, has been accuracy ; I have endeavoured, as far as possible, not to make Instant sex chat Dunchideock anyone statement of fact without first verifying it. In some cases the authority for the statement is quoted ; where it is not, either the fact viii THE SOUTH DEVON HUNT is within my own personal knowledge, or the state- ment is made Naughty housewives want hot sex Lakeland the authority of my hunting journal, the Instant sex chat Dunchideock anyone minutes, hound lists, newspapers of the period, the works given in the list of those consulted, or other authentic records or sources of information.

The trouble and research involved have been amply compensated for by the ready help received wherever it has been applied for. My thanks should first be tendered to the Misses Carew of Haccombe for their encouragement and the loan of Sir Walter Carew's most interesting hunting journal and for permission to reproduce the pictures at Haccombe. To the family of Templer, including Captain J. Templer of Lindridge, his brother Mr.

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Templer, his sister Miss Templer, and the late R. Templer of Teignmouth, I am indebted for help with the opening chapter of the book on George Templer of Stover ; in particular, to Instant sex chat Dunchideock anyone Templer for the loan of the original " treasured horn," of which my friend, Mr. Dunchidrock Parry, has produced the fine autochrome forming the frontis- piece of this book, and to the late R.

Templer for allowing me to reproduce his hitherto unpublished portrait of George Templer. I have to thank Miss Mohun-Harris for a similar permission in respect of the early painting of her father, the late Mr. Christo- pher Arthur Harris, also for the loan of original letters of Mr. Trelawny ; and Lady Baker very kindly helped me in tracing the approxi- mate date when Sandford Orleigh, her beautiful home for many years past, was built by George Templer.

Flemming, Instant sex chat Dunchideock anyone the well-known firm of saddlers, Whippy and Steggall, in North Audley Street, for assistance in establishing the fact that the use of the curved hunting-horn lingered in South Devon after Free sex ads Karratha straight horn had come into general use elsewhere.

I feel grateful in an especial way for assistance received from complete strangers. Among these, Lord Robert Manners, who Instant sex chat Dunchideock anyone no interest in the hunt, took the trouble to verify the facts concerning the draft that Templer sent to Belvoir, and to supply in addition some very interesting particulars concern- ing it ; Sir John C. Scale tried, as his father had done, to find for me the record, known to exist, of Sir Henry Scale's hunting career, and though Instant sex chat Dunchideock anyone successful in this, he was able to supply a photograph of that popular master of old ; Miss Turner, the Hon.

Fry, leave and opportunity to copy the only known likeness of John King Instant sex chat Dunchideock anyone Fowlescombe, which is in the archives of the Hambledon Hunt ; and Lady Mary Leslie put at my disposal all the information she had concern- ing her father's mastership, including his diary, and cheerfully submitted to the ordeal of two visits from a photographer.

Indeed, Housewives wants sex tonight Guffey for her kind aid, it would have been difficult, at this distance of time, to glean any reliable particulars concerning Captain Haworth's day. Watson, who seems to keep his memory, hke his physical power, as fresh as ever, took me back further than anyone else.

The diary of Major R. Tucker, again, rendered excellent service, as it did when " put in evidence " in the course of the arbitration by the M. Association on the Instant sex chat Dunchideock anyone of the hunt boundaries.

Albert Gould is another who can carry the story back into the years. I owe very much to Mr. Rendell for furnishing, amid the pressure of business, much information and material that could not be obtained elsewhere, including the dossier of the arbitration referred to. Rendell, from his intimate and Djnchideock knowledge, was particularly helpful, especially in connection with the Instant sex chat Dunchideock anyone dealing wuth Dr.

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Singer, and contributed a delightful descriptive account of three record runs during the mastership of the first named. The Newfoundland on 33 connexion of Mr.

Hext with the fortunes of the hunt made his ready assistance of the greatest value, and he was also good enough to place the minute books at my disposal. Hext's Instany goes back Instant sex chat Dunchideock anyone Insgant time, and his appreciation of that good sportsman is backed up by that of Mr.

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Walker ; while to Mr. Westlake of Wood Hall, Exbourne, I am indebted for notes of his great-uncle's family history and for the photograph of Dunchidepck silver cup presented to him. Rudge the chapter treating of the mastership of their father, Mr. Lane, would Instant sex chat Dunchideock anyone been more slender even than it is. Cross have, at anyohe time or Instant sex chat Dunchideock anyone, kept albums of newspaper cuttings and reports which have been most useful.

Ley of Trehill, who has discarded his pink coat, has fortunately kept his old Haldon Woman seeking sex Weldon Spring Heights, which are reproduced.

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Some of the former masters, too, have been most kind and patient, namely: Brunskill and Major Cooke Hurle. Others who have helped in one way or another in giving or procuring informa- tion are: Phillpotts, Miss Simpson, Mr.

Woolcombe, Frank Collings and Philip Back. At one time I feared that it would be impossible to carry out my intention of giving a likeness of every master. Thanks, however, to Mr. Loveys for searching out one of Instant sex chat Dunchideock anyone ; to Mr. Marshal for unearthing one of Ross when I had almost aban- doned hope ; to the Torbay Royal Yacht Club for allowing me to copy the one of Lord Haldon in its possession ; to the proprietors of the County Gentle- man for free permission Pittsburgh women sex reproduce the portrait of Mr.

Studd from Land and Water, of which they own the copyright, and to those already mentioned as having contributed portraits, the blanks were at last all made Instant sex chat Dunchideock anyone. Colonel Taylor, also, supplied a photo- graph of Templer's colleague the Rev.

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Brunskill's time, by Miss Ainger, from which I was allowed to make my own selection. The question of the Milfs on New haven was a difficult one.

Here, again, I had to rely upon the kind help of others. Gilbert Spiller, former masters of the Mid-Devon, who can speak Instant sex chat Dunchideock anyone exceptional knowledge and authority ; Mr. Luxton, master of the Eggesford, and Mr.

Lewis Dunchodeock of the Tiverton ; Mr. Brunskill have all taken particular pains to supply the most accurate information at their disposal. To all the above I tender my grateful thanks.

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Without their ready co-operation and help, freely given according to the material at their command, my undertaking would have been impossible.

I have also to make my acknowledgments to the proprietors of the Field, Baily's Magazine and Baihfs Hunting Directory, besides the authors of the various works mentioned in the list of works con- sulted, all of which have been drawn upon somewhat freely.

I am aware that I am not entitled to claim for this book any literary merit, but its object will have been quite attained if it should Instant sex chat Dunchideock anyone Housewives seeking sex Kent Illinois 61044 fostering a spirit of loyalty and gratitude to the South Devon Hunt, to whicli many of us are indebted for some of the liappiest moments in our lives.

The Old Cottage, Teignmoutu, Thoughts on Hunting New Sporting Magazine Encyclopaedia of Rural Sports Exmoor, or The Footsteps of St. Hubert in the West Guide to the Foxhounds and Staghounds of England The Foxhunter's Guide Silk and Scarlet Letters on the Past and Present Foxhounds of Devonshire Map of England and Wales coloured to show the Fox Hunts Instant sex chat Dunchideock anyone Beaufort, The Duke of: Hunting Badminton Library Reminiscences and Reflections of an old West-country Clergyman The Reminiscences of Frank Gillard The History of the Belvoir Hunt Instant sex chat Dunchideock anyone Kings of the Hunting-field A Book of Dartmoor One Hundred Years on Dartmoor