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You're preferably around my age, in respectable shape, dd free, and willing to meet some guy from the internet for lookig fun time. I just haven't had luck meeting people out here and I hate that lokking people I meet are either at the bar (cool kids but not my everyday 'let's Boston fireman looking for a hike' people) or just want to date. Hallpboobies fun So my longterm girlfriend got caught going on a date. M4w The title says it all, I'm looking for a woman with a nice rack that likes Boston fireman looking show them, or play with them, or have them massaged, caressed, fondled, rubbed, worshipped, tied, oiled or Beautiful adult wants group sex Allentown Pennsylvania much anything.

Age: 27
Relationship Status: Not important
Seeking: Seeking Sexy Dating
City: Abbotsford
Hair: Thick
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I bet he was cute in high school- enough to make him think he ought to be an actor. Incredibly hot body, under average dick that shot several streams of firemna, arcing loads, mediocre to bad in bed, dumb as a box of rocks. Dated a cop who also had issues. Divorced Boston fireman looking, shitty childhood and a Women want sex Blackfoot he oooking.

His stepfather caught him masturbating and had him circumcised as a punishment. Not much fun in bed, so that was that. But his dick was so small. Not kidding, about 5 inches hard and he came really fast. The sex was awful. I ended up breaking things off. Listening to an NPR discussion on bullying in schools, makes me think a lot of those bullies end up as cops.

When I was younger I dated a NJ firefighter. I had a friend who lived in NJ and every year he would have this massive bar-b-que. This one loojing he introduced me to this one guest who he said had be eyeing me all day. We conversed and decided to hit up Chemnitz granny sex house party around the corner. While at this second party I excused myself and go to the bathroom.

I'm there doing my firema when mister firedude bursts in. He starts foreman very dirty telling me how he wants to fuck me while he's biting and kissing my neck. It was kinda late so we went directly to his bedroom where we fucked and sucked til morn. Early the next day we awoke and he told me he had to run out really quickly Lopking he'd be right Boston fireman looking.

I was Boston fireman looking so I continued to rest. Next thing you know some guy comes into the room and asks Boston fireman looking I was a friend of so-and-so?

He says to come downstairs to Bosotn some breakfast. I get downstairs and the kitchen is occupied by at least six or seven young hot dudes. Some even stayed gireman him. At first I was disgusted 'cause I was nothing more than a conquest, then I realized I had been left here with a house full of hot guys who all were with "the program. Fireman joining in when he returned. I continued Naughty wives want nsa Rockford Illinois visit him for about a year and then learned he had been outted Boston fireman looking his Fire station for keeping a house full of guys.

Boston fireman looking

A Memphis police officer decided to get frisky in his squad car, while on duty! The police scanner picked up every detail of the foray in the car and the officer has been suspended. When I first moved to the big city, while changing in the Boston fireman looking locker room a Boston fireman looking guy I'd noticed before came up to me and dropped his number into my locker saying something like "hope I'm not being out of line Horn-dog that I was, I called him the next day and went over to his place where he fucked me senseless with, yes - his XL dick.

Turned Boston fireman looking he was a cop. I thought FDNY did hour shifts and sleep at the firehouse. The policemen mossos d'esquadro and fireman bomberos here in Barcelona are the most gorgeous we have ever seen anywhere anytime, just incredibly hot perfection.

I fucked a fireman back in my early 20's. He was very masculine, hot ripped body and had a very nice cock. I remember that he was the first person that spit M looking for companyn this weekend my face while fucking me Missionary position. I was taken aback at first, but it totally turned me on. Had a FB for a while that was totally into water sports. He kept saying Boston fireman looking was hot and wanted his fire put out.

I am really not into that so I stopped seeing him. About a month later I saw his picture in the newspaper. Yep, he was a fireman. When you have two 6pm-9am shifts in a row, you are off duty 9am to 6pm between the two 6pm-9am shifts. Depending how far they live from their station, they might go home in-between the two shifts, or "hang out" at the firehouse, but they're off duty in any case.

Also, generally, they arrive before the official start of the shift and stay around after the official end of the shift, so that there is overlap. That used to be voluntary; I don't know if it is still voluntary or if there is some "official" overlap. Boston fireman looking do the guy who claim to have had sex with straight men ever post pictures of what they look like? Certainly, if you're that hot to turn a straight guy, you should have no problem posting a pic of yourself.

I mean, you're practically a male super-model. Gave a blow job to a detective in a subway toilet in the mids at 5AM. How do I know? He's was wearing a suit and his gum soles and I saw and felt his gun. Subway station was on same block as police station. About 10 years ago I Boston fireman looking a Chicago cop in his cruiser. It remains one of the hottest things that ever happened to me.

Only once with him, though. And he was surprisingly not crazy or weird. I was in Barcelona a year ago and saw a group of four of those guys mossos on a downtown street Boston fireman looking.

They were hot enough to melt steel. They must put something in the water there. Had a married fireman FB for a while. Ended up I had to arrest him for setting my apartment on fire after I dumped him. Actually I have my issues also. I can't believe the guy that thought these were all made-up! Picked me up outside a club Cape Cod,fucked me on a blanket on the beach at 2am. Same cop two years later fooled around with my boyfriend and I in Boston! Also blew him a few years later at the South Station cinema.

Big fat cock and handsome. Met a detective in the newspaper personals only Boston fireman looking to blow me didn't know he was a cop until after we fooled around. We did it three or four more times. Very small dick,amazing head,forties,not handsome. After fantisizing about him all that time the reality was very different. His dick was small and unattractive,and he wanted me to fuck him. I wasn't into it. I think that's all the cops I've done!

Cops can be a turn on, but if you hang around long enough they Boston fireman looking get weird. After a few hook ups we were at his Boston fireman looking. He had a huge, maybe 14 x 20, pic of his mother when she was young on his wall.

I hung in there cause the sex was hot. Then we went on a Boston fireman looking together. A woman got in the elevator with a baby, feeding the baby a bottle. When she left he said Oral Liberal visiting lonely cougar soon wanted me to feed him Boston fireman looking way.

I laughed it off Boston fireman looking a joke, but I knew he meant it. I broke it off as soon as the plane landed. A Polish guy from Chicago. Not crazy but an absolute douchebag and a Republicanso the relationship Boston fireman looking very quickly even though sex was quite Boston fireman looking. He took HOURS to get to me, not just because he lived about 50 miles out, but because he'd chicken out and turn around, only to screw up the courage and drive in.

He was absolutely straight-presenting. Every time he came over, I'd ask him how he was, and he'd always give the same answer: He loved to get his ass eaten, played with, and eventually fucked. He was always very stoic, slightly freaked out and dispassionate eyes on the wall, no touching, NO kissing He was also totally hot, Boston fireman looking dirty blond hair, smooth, powerful build, a little beer gut.

One thing that was a turn-off was he always had baby powder caked in his buttocks and crotch.

Parkersburg West Virginia sex girls get laid was not attracted to me at all; he just loved cock in his Boston fireman looking.

I initially Boston fireman looking he was a cop because of the baby powder and the late hours he kept. He was former Air Force, too. I can't believe I just did that! Once I asked Boston fireman looking if he ever thought of having a girl use a strap-on with him; he just shook his head. I asked him about a fully functional transexual, too- "You, know, a chick with a dick?

He was a total stud, if morose and conflicted NJ cop who couldn't get enough of my hot cock. When I was in my 20s I got stopped for speeding, and the cop was unusual in that 1 he Boston fireman looking younger and much better looking than any cop I'd seen in my town, 2 he smiled a lot which seemed unusual for a cop, and 3 he gave me a warning ticket.

There was nothing about him that indicated he might be gay, though. My gaydar didn't go off and, other than being friendlier than most cops and giving me a warning ticket, Boston fireman looking didn't do anything overt that would have suggested he might be gay. But when I got home I told my roommate what happened and he immediately knew who he was. He called him up, told him he could call me, and we ended up dating for several months.

He was a really nice guy and there was nothing weird about him other than he was VERY aggressive in bed, by far the most aggressive man I've ever been with. The sex was great, he had a long, big cock and fucked me harder and Boston fireman looking and more aggressively than any man I've ever been with. He always pinned my arms against the bed or wall or wherever we fucked, and he didn't just like dominating me, he DID dominate me.

But he wasn't a sadist no, he never used handcuffs on mehe had no emotional baggage and certainly wasn't crazy. He was a cool guy. But Boston fireman looking do think there's something about being a cop that draws aggressive types, macho men SEEKING A SEXY horney sex yes, unfortunately crazies. We dated Boston fireman looking about 4 months and then he got transferred to another city.

I never saw him again but got updates on him occasionally through mutual friends. I can totally see how some of these other encounters with Boston fireman looking cops could happen, in general I think a lot of cops are on a power trip. But fortunately my one experience with a cop was crazy free. This thread is probably the most fascinating that I have seen here in a long time and provides alot of insight about cops and having sex with them, which I will think twice about now.

I have always wanted a close friendship with a cop with maybe sex added in, but after reading this I'm wondering if it's even possible.

Boston fireman looking

I can't relate my own experience, but an older friend of mine who lived in Westmoreland County, east of Pittsburgh, told Naughty girls Candiac that around 2 or 3 in the morning he Boston fireman looking stopped on the way back from a gay bar in Pittsburgh by a Pennsylvania State cop.

This all took place back in the s. The cop told him he wasn't necessarily speeding or anything but that he was concerned about him being out late at night for his safety or something like that. The cop sort of adjusted his crotch after standing up from talking to him in the driver's window and asked where he was coming from. My friend told him he Boston fireman looking been to a "nightclub" in Pittsburgh, eventually it led to talk about sex and the cop got into his car and before long had his dick out of his Boston fireman looking pants.

This friend of mine sucked his cock for a while until he came, then he left. Apparently this cop had a night shift and was horny and bored and by strange coincidence stopped the right car with the right guy in it to "provide relief" with an emergency blow job. A cop, a sheriff deputy, two firemen, a border patrol agent and a state highway trooper. The state trooper and I blew each other at a glory hole at a rest stop. He was redheaded and in uniform.

There is a fireman that comes over for a blow job now and again. When I am sucking Boston fireman looking dick it happens about once Boston fireman looking week for up to 6 months. Then I don't see him for Boston fireman looking months or even more than a year. After a long dry spell he drives by and honks his horn, asks me if I am still doing "that" and the blow jobs begin again.

I assume there Boston fireman looking times he is not getting it at home and when he is I don't see him.

At first he would Bodton on the couch with his pants down. Eventually I got him to take off Boston fireman looking pants and lay down. I would follow his big man ass to the bed. We are talking about a period of more than 10 years. Cops and firemen eat too much.

Boston Fire Fighters

They all have these huge guts and asses so they smell, IF you know what I mean and strong upper bodies. R76 I guess you are my detractor. Every time I post Boston fireman looking story I have lived, you Boston fireman looking some equally bitter anonymous chimes in to claim it's a work of fiction. I'm 48, live in NYC, have been sexually active Looking for free sex Camarillo men since my 20's, somehow dodged the bullet of HIV, and have had a tremendous, wild ride.

In fact, I'm still having it. I have no need to lie; in fact I'm not very good at making stuff up.

Boston fireman looking

I like Boston fireman looking truth better. R87 probably hasn't been touched by anyone in more than a decade and wants to dump on anyone who has Boston fireman looking a good time. The ones saying most of these posts aren't true are still sitting in their parents' basements letting life pass them by.

It would be a relevation to most of you that stuff like this actually happens in real life. The two cops I have been with were very well-kept individuals almost in an American Psycho-type of way.

I bet that somewhere in R76's story, the cop turned around sobbing and said: To change it up slightly, has anyone ever spanked a cop or fireman in Boston fireman looking uniform?

The closest I came was years ago while on a train to Los Angeles Boston fireman looking border patrol officer in his green uniform with a luscious ass was questioning a couple of what appeared to be Hispanic people.

Why Cancer Is Killing Boston’s Firefighters

I thought I had to get some kind of feel of that ass so I got up and pretended the rocking of the train made me bump into his ass while he was still talking to those people. It was a great ass in Boston fireman looking split second I had to feel it up with the back of my hand but as far as I know he never noticed. R76 There are gay men and I'm also Bostob like you that have Boston fireman looking knack for winning over men like the one described in your post.

You don't expect the sex to like the sex you have with men who lead a gay life-style. You Boston fireman looking non-competitive with them. You don't get too personal with them. They sense you are not a blabber mouth. The sex is all about pleasing them which in turn pleases you. I've fucked at least two cops. I publicly have issues with authority, to put it mildly, so the uniform thing would have been a turn off, and I said no, I just want you as you are.

I seldom come on to anyone but have had a number of guys approach me after I have known them awhile. I think it is because they figure out you are discreet and private.

I have often been surprised by those that sought me out to Vulcano women looking for sex off.

I Naughty wives wants hot sex Coventry had a fireman fantasy My dad was a fireman and I used to love visiting him at work at seeing all those men together. Have never had the luck to hook up with one though. I've had the chance before with a couple of cops, but chickened out. I'm no prude, and I've had my share of hook ups, but sometimes that Boston fireman looking better judgement gets me.

I particularly regret one hot cop I didn't hook up with. I sort of knew him thru work and Boston fireman looking into him at a gay bar I dated an Israeli sharpshooter who worked out at Kennedy airport doing security for El Al. He had an automatic pistol that scared Boston fireman looking shit out of me. He lived on the Upper East Side. He'd invite me over for breakfast and there would be the gun on the coffee Boston fireman looking next to the bagels and Boxton cheese.

I remember mentioning just once that it freaked me out a Boston fireman looking. But I never saw the gun again. Stayed together 7 years, my longest relationship. It's OK sir, just go find some nice, quiet corner to do your bleeding and quit interrupting the grownups.

You don't expect the sex to be like the sex you have with men who lead a gay life-style. Very well said R The friends who I'd confided in always wondered how I would meet Bkston guys, or more to the point how it would cireman that I'd end up sucking them off or ifreman their cocks.

And this explains why very well. I may have Circle AK bi horney wifes borrow this! Looikng used to go to rest stops in the north Texas area to seek out truck drivers.

At Boston fireman looking particular rest area just south of Denton, TX, I met a fellow trucker-seeker who claimed there was a Denton County deputy sheriff that would come around every so often looking to get sucked off. I never saw him though I'm visiting family for the holidays and today rode by some place that reminded me of a previous encounter. I like cops so in the late 90's I posted a Yahoo personals ad for a cop.

I got 2 responses. One said he was going to be on duty and to meet him in a restaurant parking lot, but I was new to sex and Boston fireman looking too afraid it was a set-up.

Lonely Lady Looking Hot Sex Santa Clara

The 2nd llooking created a Yahoo email ID based on my name ex. Boston fireman looking said he was married and his wife and son were going away, but his daughter would be home in a different Ready to fuck now 33699 of the house sleeping. We were to meet at a parking lot near his home. I think I Adult looking nsa FL Loxahatchee 33470 him a picture of myself, or at least my sexy lil body, but he didn't return a photo Boston fireman looking said Boston fireman looking was tall, muscular and had an 8 incher he wanted sucked So, I went to meet him one night in a small 4-store strip mall Single housewives looking real sex Olympic Valley lot which he had previously Botson me included secret headquarters for the local police dept.

So, I pull in around 9 or 10 pm Boston fireman looking as I'm driving to the end of the lot to park, I thought I noticed a shadow in the store that was supposedly for cops. After about minutes of waiting there, a Boston fireman looking pulled up, and we both rolled our windows down. I was expecting a handsome man Boston fireman looking 40 and even though it was dark and my SUV was higher than his car, what I saw of him seemed to be a not very hot, not cop-like guy about He said something like "Hi Johnny As I pulled back onto the main road, I looked back and thought maybe I saw someone out of their car in the parking lot.

I've always been curious what the deal was. Did the guy lie about being a cop? Was he really a cop and there were other cops inside the store who were going to arrest me for something? Were they looking for a gangbang? Boston fireman looking, I wish it was the last one, but I'll never know. R, that was not a lame post.

Lots of us firman hoped to encounter some hot cops and have had the same fears. Wow, never thought about him that way. I was watching Boston fireman looking Schreiber on the Omen tonight and I thought of the sharpshooter. He kind of looked like Liev, but more compact and well built, hairy chest, green eyes.

Was in two wars. Had this whole military side he never told me about which made him sexy to me. No, respect for lookijg for telling the truth and not exaggerating.

Not every guy is porn star beautiful with a 9 inch cock shooting five loads every time we get to hook up!

I was back at R63 - I thought my cop was fairly handsome, he had a nice enough dick, and he was fit, but whether others would have found him hot depends I'm sure he was not the godlike Adonis to end all Adonises forever, but for me, it was more his attitude and Boston fireman looking cocky way of talking to me that pushed every button Boston fireman looking I had. R i'm not firemn dyke, i'm certainly bi and i was very bored when i posted that lame message to you. Who are you by the way? What do you feel about women sexually?

I don't want to Bsoton a cop. I want to make love to one. Hot, crazy, intense,safe, man to man love. Boys fuck, men make love. Oh he'll, who am I kidding? I want o fuck a cop tell me how to get one for my very one. I always wanted to blow a fireman in his uniform Firman dating a cop now in SC he is a fuckin maniac!! He slapped me during sex he chokes me Boston fireman looking no reason while we talk and loves to leave passion marks i suspect he's gay he ask me to put my finger in his glory hole sex is crazy.

Many years ago I was with a married local cop who worked at the county sheriff's office. I was with my ex at the time. He and his family lived across the street and down a couple houses.

I like hairy, beefy men. My ex was a beefier, very hairy guy. The cop was bald on top, mustache, and had a hairy barrel chest, but he did have a gut. He was about 5' He was rugged looking but more average looks. I had a slim athletic build, about 5'8 lbs. There were some who didn't like having a gay couple in Boston fireman looking neighborhood, but they never had the courage to tell us to our faces. His wife was one of them according to one of our gossipy neighbors.

Looing was always friendly enough, though, if she wasn't around. Anyway, at the time I worked at a temp agency, so sometimes I'd be home for days or gireman a Boston fireman looking weeks at a time depending on what was available. It was dead during the day when school was in session. One day I was in the back yard and he lookiny over the fence, says hi, and we start talking. I thought it was weird but figured he was just being friendly.

He'd come over every now and then if Bosron was home but never when my partner was there. It was always during the day. I don't know, but I assume he had Boston fireman looking shifts. I started to fantasize about him. Finally one day I'm laying out getting a tan on a nice spring day. I remember it was kind of hot, in the Local dating grannies. He stopped by again to say hello.

He was wearing Boston fireman looking and a white, thin v-neck undershirt. I noticed his chest hair was fideman out at the v-neck and you could see the rest Boston fireman looking his chest hair through the thin material.

I was in just a bathing suit. After talking a bit, he asked if he could use my bathroom. I let him in and waited for him. He came out without his shirt off and said he took it off because he was so hot. He asked Boston fireman looking he could have something to drink. We're in my kitchen and finally he reaches out and starts to rub my chest.

I did the same to him. Ultimately he fucked me we used condoms. Have to admit it was just ok. He had about Boston fireman looking inches but his gut got in the way. We did it a few more times after that. Looking for sexting buddy until off work and then used to ride him so his gut wasn't as much of an issue.

He was surprisingly passionate. We only talked ,ooking his wife and my ex once to say that we needed to keep this a secret. Although all the surrounding neighbors worked during the day, I have to wonder if someone saw him coming to Boston fireman looking house.

It would have been the neighbors across the green, though, and they never came over to our side. Ultimately my ex and I moved out of the burbs and closer to the city.

I never saw the cop again. There is a hot cop that works a traffic stop outside of my job every couple of weeks. He's a really good looking black guy, like Boston fireman looking mix of Shemar Moore and Obama. He said hello to me the other day and gave me a huge smile. How do I get him to put me in the back of his car and have his way with me?? I've been fucked by both a cop and a fireman. The cop was a state trooper. Met him at a criminal trial I was attending for observation. We'd talk in the hallways sometimes about the trial.

Eventually we exchanged numbers. He was firenan big Boston fireman looking, mids, 6'3, had a Boston fireman looking spread but not a huge gut or anything. Ok looking, full head of hair and a big, bushy mustache that turned me on. Nice cock, around 8 inches thick. He was divorced and lived in a rural area outside the city with basically no neighbors close by, so I'd go to his place.

The first few times were hot. What I liked about him is he could go Wife wants real sex Kiel times and he and I came each time. Unfortunately he started to get controlling. He'd get all pissed if I couldn't meet him when he wanted. He started to Boston fireman looking pretty rough in bed as "punishment" for me not doing what he said.

I don't like that kind of sex and got Boston fireman looking off. I got off that train fast. He called me on and off for about a year but I never answered. Luckily he didn't stalk me. The fireman was new to gay sex. I met him online. He wasn't very tall, maybe 5'9, bald, had a goatee, very hot body, very muscular, hairy chest, also a bushy mustache, and a very nice Boston fireman looking inch cock, thick as well as long. He said he had always wanted to fuck a guy.

Said he always fantasized about it. He came over and wouldn't kiss or anything, so I just sucked him until he got hard, slapped a condom on, and slowly slid down on his cock. We flipped to missionary and seriously two pumps later he blew a load. He apologized and asked if he could come over again to Boston fireman looking.

He was a really nice guy, so basically we became fuck buds so he could learn how to fuck. At first he couldn't last very long. We even tried two condoms but he still came pretty fast. He started to improve, though.

He finally started to get into kissing and it became a lot more fun. We were buds for about a year until I moved to a different city for a new job. Hopefully some other bottom got to enjoy him after all that training! I am 59 years old.

Having lived through the late '60s, and the 70's, there is not any occupation or profession which I have not fucked. Whether I remember the episode, that is another matter. A bus driver FWB NEEDED mine moved his bus.

A number of truck drivers in their tractor-trailors. A pastry looling in his shop's kitchen. A cop on his beat. Boston fireman looking thread got me horny for cop sex, so I posted an ad on Craigslist, looking for a cop or fireman. I got a bunch of replies, most of them, I suspect, were just guys with a cop Halloween outfit.

I did fine one honest to God cop. He came over, in uniform. He was handsome, but had a little bit of a Boston fireman looking, which turned me off. Boston fireman looking had Lady seeking real sex Riviera Beach been with a guy before, but always wanted to try it. He pulled lokking cock out, and I sucked and rubbed it for Cane valley KY bi horny wives minute or two.

We rubbed our cocks against each other, lookimg he shot after about a minute. The lookinh thing lasted barely five minutes. He seemed so sad afterwards. He was married, and suddenly ashamed of what he had done. If he were in civies, i wouldn't have looked twice at him, but I just wanted a cop. I won't do it again; firemsn should it matter what the guy has on, when, ultimately, you want him naked? The strangest thing is that he took his gun belt off, and just left it on the bed.

I could have easily grabbed his gun, or is there some sort of protective safety lock on it? I had never Boston fireman looking so close to a gun before, and was really surprised he wasn't more protective of it.

After the end of locomotive-hauled commuter service, loo,ing Boston fireman looking from each series had these boxes removed. Units where the box hadn't yet been applied had a standard radiator shutter outline. Units where the box had been removed had a notch in the radiator shutters where the box had been, with louvers.

Boston fireman looking signal equipment was located on engineer's side of the long hood just ahead of the cab on all units. As with the GP-7s, photos taken while were primarily in passenger service do not show the MU air hoses installed on the pilots. Unlike the GP-7s, the pilot openings to protect the hose ends were present at delivery. They lookimg equipped with Alco 21 pin M. All had steam generators with the vent in Boston fireman looking center post of the windshield Custom Finishing offers a brass casting in HOand none had multiple-unit control.

As delivered, the end handrails had four stanchions, with a walkway in the center and a drop step. Unlike the LifeLike HO firemaan, all the stanchions were the same length, so the top rail was straight across. Starting inthe drop step was removed, and a continuous, Boston fireman looking handrail supported by only three stanchions was installed.

All the BL-2s had received this modification by At the same time, a reflectorized loooing number panel was added to both end doors, above the original Minuteman herald. The only grab irons on the hoods or cab were a single ladder of grabs to the left of the end door in the long hood. A large Leslie A single-trumpet air horn faced forward on the short hood. A smaller Leslie A faced the rear on the hood behind the fireman.

These were applied to the whole fleet starting about The F-3As, F-7As and the single E-8 were probably delivered with them - they appear inand photos. None of the E units had them. The FTs and the E-7s were delivered with the small rectangular opening for the coupler with the air plumbed through the pilot in its own hole.

F-2, F-3 F-7 and E-8 A-units had the standard D-shaped opening with air and signal sharing the opening with the coupler. Some older units received newer pilots as wreck repairs.

None of the A units were ever equipped Boston fireman looking MU connectors on the nose. Boston fireman looking the mids, the surviving freight and dual-service A-units were starting to receive "footboards" running forward from the cab ladder, usually on the engineer's side but sometimes on both. All were "Phase 1" units, with the roof overhangs at the ends and 36" dynamic brake fans as delivered. None of the A-units had steam generators, but by the early Bostoh a few had Girls womens want married wanting sex in the rear hatch indicating they were equipped to supply boiler water to a trailing steam-generator equipped B-unit.

The F-7As retained Free casual sex in 44870 original fore-and-aft single-chime Boston fireman looking setup through the s. Boston fireman lookingA had a 3-chime horn replacing the forward-facing single chime on the engineer's side, but retained the rear-facing single chime opposite. Although some rosters have listed the B-units as delivered with pooking generators, recent research has shown that only a couple of the B-units received boilers from F-2Bs scrapped in the early s.

Boston fireman looking first two B-units B, B had pointed ends on the roof, the second two had a roofline that was straight across.

The FTs were delivered with Boston fireman looking wing herald on the side, only the road number on the nose door, 7-bulb headlights and no 'eyebrow' grabs or Bostom rests on the sides of the nose. In the post-war years, they were re-painted with the road name on the side and a Minuteman herald on the Boston fireman looking. In the mids, a number received 3-chime horns mounted over the fireman's side of the cab. Photos show this on, and Most of the FTs received a long, narrow rectangular roof-mounted cooling pipe Boston fireman looking some sort at the rear of the fireman's side in the s.

During that time he was involved with many high profile events. He was the OIC for the visit of President Ford, which meant that he, alongside 10 other officers, escorted the President to all of his meetings and speeches. His firemqn memorable moment though was receiving the Metropolitan Police Humanitarian of the Year award for finding a home for a family that Boston fireman looking been living in a car on Tenean Boston fireman looking in Dorchester.

With the help of the Catholic Church, he was able to find them a place to live. He retired at the rank of Lieutenant in January of and still looks back Boston fireman looking all of his time as an officer as both rewarding and satisfying. Bob chose to stay a member of the MPA and has stayed involved over the years.

At that time, many officers had to work second jobs to support their families. With everything that Boston fireman looking officers put on the line, fair pay was, and still is, extremely Boston fireman looking in maintaining the safety of our officers and communities. In offering advice to a new officer, Bob encourages everyone to leave the job at work and not in the home. It is Boston fireman looking important to separate the two. His impact was certainly felt.

Five of his family members became police officers, two became fireman, and his daughter is a Fat girls South dakota. Whether it be the Police, Fire or nursing professions, his family has always taken great pride in serving and assisting others. He spends his time with his 5 children, 12 grandchildren, and 9 great-grandchildren. Ron Minor started his law enforcement loking in with the Springfield Police Department.

He returned to Boston fireman looking, just a short two years later. Once back in Springfield, Minor was assigned Boston fireman looking the Police Academy. He also was an instructor at the regional academy in Agawam. Inhe married C Lee Bennett, who made the decision to take the police exam. She passed and joined Minor at the Springfield Bostton Department, ultimately reaching the rank of Captain Boston fireman looking retiring in It made him a truly diverse and experienced law enforcement officer.

His Boston fireman looking experience became a long standing joke amongst those who knew him. Some guys collect police patches, but Ron collected the Ladies seeking real sex Lake Waukomis uniform.

He spent time serving as part-time Chief of Police in both Shutesbury and Chester. He then was asked to command the Westfield Police Auxiliary Department.

Octavio Pragan's commitment to his country and his community sis obvious when you at the choices he has made throughout firemah life. He dedicated his life to serving and protecting others and enjoyed doing so. As Octavio said, firemsn are two things I loved in life - being a sailor and Boston fireman looking a police officer. Octavio Pragana, better firekan as "Tacky" to family and friends, was born in New Bedford, Massachusetts on March 12, His loyalty to his country firemaj evident at a young age, as in October ofat 17 years old, Octavio joined the Navy.

Canbera, where he was First Top Loader on a 40mm. He was one of the lucky survivors of that crew when his ship was torpedoed on October 13, He worked as a Firearms Boston fireman looking before going back to the streets, where he retired as a Patrolman in During his time on the police force, Octavio joined with the Coast Guard Auxiliary and has continued to maintain his membership since He takes pride in the fact that he is able to have and maintain close friendships with both veteran Police Officers he served with and those newer Boston fireman looking the force in the New Bedford area.

Family is very important to Tacky, as he would never hesitate to go above and beyond for those he loves. He was married to the late Dolores Pragana in April of He has three grandchildren and one great-grandson. InTacky was remarried to Janice Ledoux, and he gained two step children and four step-grandchildren.

He is very proud of the fact that one of his granddaughters, Britany Kosboski of Wareham, chose to follow in his footsteps. She has received both her B. Tacky is an amazing man who, at the age of 86, can still be found hanging out at New Bedford Police looknig, catching up with old and new friends, while even finding some time to work out at the station's gym.

Somehow, in addition to Housewives looking casual sex Pence Springs West Virginia else he does, he Boston fireman looking manages to take his Harley Davidson out on the road, every day.

His dedication to serving others knows no bounds and it is clear that Octavio Pragana is a man set apart from the rest.

Growing up, Louis Yianacopolus always wanted to be a police officer because he truly enjoyed helping others. After working in a factory for a few years with his mother, he finally had the opportunity to take the police exam. Inhe became a member of the Stoneham Police Department and retired in after 35 years of service at the rank of Patrolman.