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T - English - Drama - Chapters: AKA, the only verse where Juliet seduces Romeo and then pushes him off the balcony. Except a hot Italian costar playing his love interest who seemed to know JUST how to get under his skin.

T for minor language. Was she still that transparent? Had she learned nothing? Rewritten by Marrei reviews Determined to help her friends on the battlefield, Naruto takes a shortcut through an unknown dense forest.

Best be known to her that the Sage of the six paths set up security seals there. How will Naruto and Kumara change the ninja world? Was this all a part of the prophecy! Zeref was Narufied by yorushihe reviews AU, fem! Adult seeking real sex NC Jackson springs 27281 has Adult seeking real sex NC Jackson springs 27281 tendency of finding the most broody, emo bastards around and turning them into pansies Too bad for Zeref that she had to land right on top of him. Bright, and blinding if stared at for too long.

Absolutely radiant, if caught in his natural state. To Will, Nico was like the shadows. Together they are ying and yang. Cute little one shot, lot's of Solangelo. Cabin Fever by Yuki-kyo-kira reviews Naruto never thought a cabin in the woods would be such a blessing. And neither did Sasuke. Unexpected Love by Diya-Chan reviews The day that everyone had seen those two holding hands in the hallway had been an unexpected surprise.

Some people even did double takes or pinched themselves to make sure what they were seeing wasn't their mind playing awful tricks on them. No one ever expected for the rambunctious girl to fall in love with the shy boy. K - English - Romance - Chapters: Shattered Mask Adult searching real sex Nashville sakurademonalchemist reviews Naruko Uzumaki has an ability.

She can break the mask that people hide behind and bring them back completely loyal to her. However instead of staying in Konoha she takes her eight Horny girls from Naperville and sisters, all of whom possess a tailed beast off their world and onto others. Now she's working as a bar maid in Asgard It will have the metaphorical lemon.

It starts out with them meeting when Takano protects Ritsu from a car. Ritsu's been taking care of Takano but, what will happen when Takano is healed? What will happen to these two? Will their relationship prevail? Oh yeah, since I forget disclaimers: I don't own Sekaiichi Hatsukoi. On The Contrary by tachiequillsluv reviews "Sakura, when will you realize, this isn't a love story.

Naruto's not in love with me, not after what I did to him. It's just a love story where YOU have to go after him. Three stories in one. But when Annabeth becomes a two timing skank, will Nico gat his chance with Percy? Percy decides to make sure Nico gets better, and they realise their love. But, will the demigods be able to stay together when there's trouble at every turn?

The Darkness and the Light by write. Despite being hated and beaten Adult seeking real sex NC Jackson springs 27281 the villagers she was always smiling, until one day that change her from the little ball of sunshine to a quiet and cold girl.

What happened that changed her? Will she be able to smile again? Perception by scorchedtrees reviews In which everyone thinks Nico and Will are together. Doctor's Orders by Ramblesx reviews Nico really loves when he gets sick, only because Will is there to baby him.

Doctors Orders by Gabbythetabby reviews Nico is in the infirmary, but Will can't keep his lips off him much longer K - English - Chapters: Our child is growing inside of me" Naruto said slowly as if talking to a child. Growing frustrated with her husband's response. A sweet fluffy story about Sasuke and Naruto's Fem! Featuring doting daddy Sasuke. Beginning by Madame Red Wolf reviews Naru might Nod girls in demotte indiana forced into marrige, but all the men she has ever loved are not for her, Except Adult seeking real sex NC Jackson springs 27281.

NaruxNejimay be oneshot may not be. Peace of Love by Rosswen reviews All Sasuke wanted was to claim his mate as every young demon. But all he got was a smile, and a challenge. Affection of one by Anishinaru reviews Even though she hates humans from the bottom of her heart why did she gave a human and even worse a rogue nin shelter.

This question remains still in her head. Though this shinobi is strange. She knew well and maybe that's why she helped him in the first place and that she feels so attracted to him Who are you Uchiha Itachi?

Redefining Changes by baby-kitsune9 reviews When naru left the village to train for three years with her master Jiriaya, she got more then she bargained for. For starters she was Adult seeking real sex NC Jackson springs 27281 by the akutsuki. No-vember by Takara Phoenix reviews Percy is trying to ask Nico out on a date. Nico keeps saying no, because he thinks Percy just wants to hang out as friends. He gets Adult seeking real sex NC Jackson springs 27281 advise that he's pushing Percy away by always saying no and that he's going to lose him for good if he keeps acting like that.

So he finally agrees. He's a little surprised when he learns that it was a date. Unexpected love by Marrei reviews Shino didn't understand how this happened at times. It just suddenly happened with a simple kiss by the girl that was admired by the village. She was beautiful, vibrant and everything a man could wish for.

He was the lucky guy that caught her heart…and she absolutely captured his. That's my secret, and no one is to know. Betrayal Leads To Love by Fairy of Sakuras reviews Naruto and Sasuke have been together since there first chuunin exam at the age of 13, however shortly after Naruto agreed to go on a two year training trip with Jiraiya.

Sasuke promised to wait for her return but when Naruto comes home she finds out Sakura is three months pregnant with Sasuke's child.

What will Naruto do now? His Composure by FrankieFiction reviews In which Tsuande's paperwork gets done and Genma looses his cool, calm, and collected composure. How's that for alliteration? Naru Adult seeking real sex NC Jackson springs 27281 Genma — Because there wasn't one before. They Lived Their Lives in a Coffee Shop by HuntingPeople reviews This table, this coffee shop, was the place they came to together every single day, the place they talked over a cup Hillsboro man wants blonde gf black coffee and just enjoyed life.

This place was a place of many firsts in their relationship and the place they came to every single day of their lives together. Games by PabloVotesNo reviews One-shot. Uchiha Sasuke was many things.

Too late to fix his mistakes were one of them. The Female Ninja by Mukil reviews Naruto is a female nija from the Leaf, with one dream, to prove that she isn't a weakling just because she's a girl! And within her, the dream to become Hokage! Can she do it? And what does Sasuke mean to her? Akatsuki's Crimson Princess by EDelta88 reviews Years ago Konoha went too far and created the very demon they feared only for it do disappear eeal short time later. Now it's the beginning of the Chunnin Selection Exam, teams from all over have come, even one Adult seeking real sex NC Jackson springs 27281 the elusive Akatsuki organization Fem!

Stupid on his part, he knows. But when this sexy stranger walks up to him with that sexy chuckle, he didn't care as much. Uchiha Sasuke had an image to keep up as a firm, feared, and respected man at his office, Uchiha Incorporated.

But it's hard to maintain that reputation when Lunchtime fuck today is at the mercy and service of his "wife", especially now that he has a blooming family on the way. Our Own Love Story by Rosswen reviews When there is nothing to keep you going, wouldn't you want to die by your beloved's hands? Or find Jac,son new life you need from the same hands unexpectedly? Nico is a cupid. He's been doing the job for ninety years and hasn't made a single mistake.

Until he accidentally cuts himself after shooting Percy Jackson. Now he's stuck Adult seeking real sex NC Jackson springs 27281 the guy until he can figure out a way to get Percy to stop making goo-goo eyes at him. There may or may not be a moral lesson along the way.

Home Cafe by Asagi Tsuki reviews An Auror mission brought Harry sec the cafe where he met the two blondes who shall steal his heart, Vers lookin to fuck and get fucked make the place his Adult seeking real sex NC Jackson springs 27281 Harry Potter - Rated: The Twelve Days of Lico by scc7 reviews It's nearing Christmas, and Leo and Nico are some of the few demigods left at camp during the holiday season.

But what happens when the two begin harboring feelings for each other? They're about to find out. If she had been stronger then none of this would have happened. If she had been stronger then she Adult seeking real sex NC Jackson springs 27281 have found herself in a different and unfamiliar world where people bend the elements. Now here she was, helping a bad-tempered prince regain his honour, spings his crazy sister while at the same time, trying to find out where she really belong.

Last Airbender - Rated: When Makarov agrees to raise his granddaughter, no one could have realized just how much change would come in the years to come.

The only question now, is will the world handle this big change? She doesn't think much about being a half demon or trying to sigh contracts with Adult seeking real sex NC Jackson springs 27281. But what happens when a demon butler and his young master come to Konoha to meet her. Tell me who you think I should do with pairings in the comments. London by adgenelia reviews AU.

It was Summer of in London, England. The dream of every athlete's: With support of her friends and family, along with the years of training, will she win the Gold? Naruko Gaiden by Felicity Dream reviews Naruko thought it was hard being Kakashi's only pupil and already being engaged, but then the CRA is enacted for politics and there's this whole gritty process and a bunch of men that seem really broken and need her to fix them up.

She doesn't know Adult seeking real sex NC Jackson springs 27281 to deal with fanclubs, learning Mokuton, and going on a quest to find her father and immortality too.

Growing up seems hard. Rengoku Suna by Felicity Dream reviews Madara messed up everything. But Naruto as Hell Girl decides to set things back and take things into her own hands, particularly taking Sexy grannys Turku wa reigns of Konoha before it can descend into madness again.

But first, before everyone can send everyone else to Hell, she'll drag a certain Spfings family into the chaos.

Sequel to Jigoku Shoujo: Immortal Born by David Archangel reviews Naruto was blessed by the shinigami seekig did not have the kyuubi sealed into him instead he had the ten tails sealed in him, but the shinigami also gave him a very special blade with the spirit of one of the most Javkson people on earth. Attracted by CrownOfDasies reviews He had always Aduot her with all his heart. She had shone like a rising star, leaving him to fall head over heels for her.

Over time, his love for her grew rapidly, just like a wildfire.

With the resisting urge to let him love seejing, how can he just stay put and back to his nonchalant manner, as usual? However, as his control seeps out, what will become of both of them? This is the happily ever after part for just for Sasuke and Naruko. Their love is unrivaled and their family will be too. Begins the night after their wedding. A story bathed in happiness and love. Stubborn Lovers by Marrei reviews FemNaruto should've known better than to ignore a dangerous night predator. She should've known better that they get seekijg.

She should've known from the beginning that he'd be a pain in her ass. Hades, he doesn't even know how to think. How do you exist? Don't ask him because in that moment in time he srpings no idea.

All that mattered was Adult friends in Chesapeake tiny little pink plus sign on the horrendous thing he was holding. Back Street Boys by Rosswen reviews Sometimes, you have to lose something to understand its value. Rhode Syracuse New York horny woman Cares by Nicole The Adult seeking real sex NC Jackson springs 27281 Rider reviews Naruto is a very cold and reseved 17 year old guy with a great pain inside of him.

He lives with his sprngs brother Kyuubi and his younger sister Kylie. Hinata is a happy 17 year old girl living with her foster mom, mom's boyfriend and her best friend Nico. They start their last year of high school. Will Hinata be able to melt Naruto's heart? There's gonna be some mention of yuri. Demonic by Winterer reviews FemNaru Timetraveling. Everything had been framed. Her see,ing, her very birth, her parents. They'd took everything away from her. Exhausted in despair, she seeks for her lifetime companion, and then thrown to the past back in seking war era, newborning as Shodaime's sibling.

Welcome to the world of fire and blood, welcome the new era. Pretty Eyes by Mysterion21 reviews Naruto has been driven insane by the villagers hatred.

Haku cant see Haku as a boy sorry Fem! Kyuubi because it just works and bashing lots of bashing. Rated M Naruto - Rated: Will he succeed or will it blow up in his face? No joke, she is! Naruto is actually a girl and has decided after a slip up in Wave, to stop pretending to be an idiot. This unfortunately gets her more attention than she ever thought she wanted. Adult seeking real sex NC Jackson springs 27281 are created and secrets are revealed. Pick your team and go! Lines and Graphs by Coqui's Song reviews Math tells us three of the saddest love stories.

But when Kohona Adult seeking real sex NC Jackson springs 27281 threatened with war, they ask Naruto, a feared assassin for help. He geal but he's changed into a cold-hearted killer. Can Sasuke get him back?

Slaves are fun by forestkun reviews What do you get when a certain Uchiha is jealous? He's been sent in to interview the newest face on the magical food and wine circuit. Chef Malfoy is not going to make this easy. This time, to a boarding school full of rich, spoiled brats.

But Jackspn all are the same. He learns that when he joins the cheerleaders and falls in love with the quarterback, Nico di Angelo. Next Generation" is up! Wrong Way by Rosswen reviews Deal is the conclusion of the decisions we make. A Few Minutes by narutoobsessedgurl reviews A few minutes can change anyone's life.

And it certainly did for one person. What if it was Hizashi who was born first, just Women that want sex Leiden few minutes before Hiashi? How would it change the Hyuga generations to come, and most importantly, the world? And who knows what's going to happen when you add a little blonde ball of sunshine to the mix? Broken Dolls by baby-kitsune9 reviews it's still the same story. Naru was in trouble.

It's rate M for a reason Naruto - Rated: If Konohagakure, was a metropolitan city, where the Konoha 12 lived? Now with this new power how will Naruto's life change? U Strong, smart Naruto. Woman looking nsa Mulga Alabama but cocky Sasuke.

Chapter One and Two now fixed. Naruto grows up with a family but is that all that changed? Who is this masked man and who is that cloaked figure? Read to find out!

With Naruto helping to end the Fourth Shinobi War and true peace coming to the Elemental Nations he has found himself bored. He thirsts for another adventure and more battles and so leaves his world for another. Will he be a Devil? Nope he's Naruto motherfucking Uzumaki and that's that! But before she could her life was dragged down into a Adult seeking real sex NC Jackson springs 27281 of secrets, jutsus, hidden love and friendship.

Now battling with teenage dreams will she still be able to become what she always wanted to? Female Naruto X Male Seekjng. Also bits of Naruko x Sasuke.

The Cure by Rosswen reviews What is needed to cure a Adult seeking real sex NC Jackson springs 27281 heart? Jasico Highschool AU by diangelonnico reviews What it says on the tin. Solar Eclipse by pw. To meet the one i love the most. The Savior of the World by Fanf reviews [FemNaruxSasuke] [TimeTravel] Being thrown into the past, Sasuke and Naruto have to face the ninja world again, to make sure that this time nothing goes wrong — while Sasuke has the personal mission of making Naruto fall in love with him.

Everybody lies by Fanf reviews [FemNaruxKakashi] [AU] Naruto's eighteen when the past catches up with her, not letting her get away this time. And that only because of one noisy Uchiha and a One-night-stand that develops in so much more. Kakashi stole my date didn't he?

It was softer on the face. The Sorcerer's Stone by Gary Indiana sluts wanting sex reviews What happens if Naruko's mom was a seeling. What chaos will she bring to Hogwarts. Naruto Uchiha has returned back from his training trip… with New Powers Now, How is he going to save Thalia? What is his new plan?

He has something in his mind, Jackosn what is it? We are going to find it in this in this story His journey to find the Golden Fleece My Son by Tsuki Kyuubi Uzumaki reviews If trying you think trying to become the hokage is hard, try being a teen mom and follow your dream.

Naruto has a son named Kai Uzumaki and he can use the sharingan because his father is an Sprints. See how being a mother changes Naruto's life.

Would he leave Konoha or stay to save both his son and the people from the downfall of their lives? NaruHina Naruto - Rated: My Angel by Tsuki Kyuubi Uzumaki reviews Naruto has always been called a demon, but she is the exact opposite, she is an A male Oceanside seeking female. See how a set of white wings can change everything. Not Yaoi Naruto - Rated: Follow the next Sage as he tries to bring peace to the Shinobi World.

There will be Lemons. Rewind by Dragon6 reviews A re-write of my original story. After the events of the Wave, Naruto realizes that he must improve as a shinobi. With Kakashi's help, he sets out to accomplish just that. With a scroll from the founder of Ninjutsu, a fox who Adult seeking real sex NC Jackson springs 27281 respects him and surprising encouragement from Ino, Naruto Hot wives wants sex Basingstoke Deane just becaome the strongest shinobi of the Leaf, worthy of the Fourth's legacy.

A nervous Ritsu decides to come over and thinks heavily about their relationship. What will he say that will Adult seeking real sex NC Jackson springs 27281 their lives forever? T just in case Sekaiichi Hatsukoi - Rated: Wake up Daddy by Rosswen reviews A man who has everything. A man who has nothing.

What could they possibly give each other to make their restless lives perfect? Himesama by Bakunawa reviews femNarutoxSasuke. Where Naruto was born a girl, Minato survived Adult seeking real sex NC Jackson springs 27281 Kyuubi attack and became an overly protective father, and Sasuke falls in love with a princess.

In the process of which he saved Sasuke from Adult seeking real sex NC Jackson springs 27281 and his cursed seal, prevented the invasion of Konoha and befriended the kyuubi. All because he met Shikamaru a little earlier during a very impressionable stage of his life. The Letter by Marrei reviews Sometimes all it takes is a little push. A simple letter to convey one's feeling.

Well this is what Tsunade does for Naruto as Naruto gives her letter filled with her feelings to the man she has admired from the time she Nsa dating charlotte nc tied to the training log during her Dating Frechen skin bbw test. How will Kakashi react to her feeling? I remember now, I love you.

Nico's eyes were tear filled, his lips trembling.

Full text of "Minutes of the Sandhills Baptist Association of North Carolina"

A fall festival, rest home visitations at Christmas and Easter in which they presented treats to the patients, a Valentine banquet 272281 the church family, recognition for parents on Mother's Day and Father's Day and children returning to school, a Morrow Mountain trip, skating outings and a trip to Carowinds. The Youth Sunday Service speaker was Rev. Special guests for worship - services and prayer Adult seeking real sex NC Jackson springs 27281 included: David Marks of Aberdeen, Rev.

Royal city WA bi horney housewifes Wiggs of Raleigh and Dr.

Bud Fray of Knoxville, Tennessee who led our fall revival. We also thank Dr. Billy Graham, our Director of Missions, for his help and encouragement to our church family. The 25th anniversary of the congregation was celebrated in September,with a large crowd in attendance. The different branches of the church have worked hard Adult seeking real sex NC Jackson springs 27281 to achieve their goals in the th year of the church.

Baptist Women's Day wash held in February with emphasis on mission groups. All goals for these events were met and exceeded. Drives for collecting items for Women's Prison, local food pantry were held Adu,t the mission groups conducted projects. Baptist Men have a breakfast each month and cooked for the entire church Adult seeking real sex NC Jackson springs 27281 December and May.

A churchwide drive to raise funds for Mundo Vista was helped by a trip there in April. Training for teachers was conducted by the pastor and one Wednesday night each month was devoted to Small Pussy to eat Wollongong meeting. The youth, under the direction of the Associate Pastor, met every week, presented a Christmas play, had a retreat in January, a week at Caswell in the summer, and local trips.

The children are taught seeming Sunday afternoon with music under the direction of the pianist and organist. They are called the Believer's Choir and provide spe- cial music.

Colorado springs pa women looking to get laid also have educational trips during the year. The college age meet at the Associate Pastor's home for Bible Study. Seniors took a trip to Myrtle Beach in November, had several sup- per meetings and attended the Associational Senior Dinner. VBS included a meal to begin the nightly meetings with a good attendance.

The church recently voted to go in partnership with Zion Missionary Baptist Church near Shallotte seekig order 2781 help them regain their former status.

The Music Ministry of the church provides cantatas for Christmas and Easter besides the weekly choir. The year NNC been a blessed one at Ephesus. Charles Taylor, having served over 7 years as pastor, resigned in September.

A new van was purchased for outreach. Several youth of the church attended a youth camp near Burlington. Eugene Ussery held our Spiritual Refreshment Adult seeking real sex NC Jackson springs 27281 in October. This event consisted of four services for the purpose of spiritual renewal of our church. We sponsored state, Aduot, and foreign missions studies and offerings, conducted a VBS with record attendance, participated in joint Adult seeking real sex NC Jackson springs 27281 Thanksgiving services, and held a candlelight service on New Year's Eve.

We enjoyed a sweetheart banquet in February, held our homecoming in May with Spprings. McQueen, former pastor, as our speaker. The youth attended a retreat at Caswell in the fall and spring. Joyful Sound, a singing group of students from North Greenville college ministered to us in March. A parenting skills workshop was led by Rev. In March, we had a spiritual refreshment weekend with evangelist E.

Pastor Tony Capehart preached the homecoming service, September The youth had reao fun time at the youth lock-in on October In December a new sound system was installed. On Baptist Men's Day, January 28, the men of the church enjoyed a breakfast, participated in the wor- ship service, and Rev.

Dale Riddle, evangelist, preached the sermon. The women of the church led in seeklng worship service and Mrs. The youth of the church enjoyed the annual sweetheart dinner and fun time on February Allison Coltrane Jac,son Southern Pines First and association youth rael was Asult guest speaker for youth Sunday, March Five members were baptized during the sun- rise service, April In May our senior adults enjoyed the association senior adult fellowship dinner at Robbins First.

The church parking lot was paved in June. VBS was held July The annual steak Adult seeking real sex NC Jackson springs 27281 was held on July 1 1. The children and youth enjoyed a "Back to School Bash" on August A special prayer service for church and community was called to pray Adult seeking real sex NC Jackson springs 27281 our nation and the victims of the horrible terrorist attack on September 1 1.

Adult seeking real sex NC Jackson springs 27281 congregation is studying "Discovering Your Spiritual Gifts," seejing third study in a series of spiritual studies on ministry and missions. These studies have been held at the home of Mr. Praise the Lord for another wonderful year. Again we have been blessed at New Home. We celebrated the 50th anniversary of our church in June.

This year we had various gospel groups to come and sing: Adult seeking real sex NC Jackson springs 27281 Shirlin shared spring Matthew 16, the same passage used in the springgs service at New Home. Donald and Lynda Ring compiled and presented a special historical report. Jaclson were testimonials and memorial tributes to members gone to be with the Lord.

Dinner followed in the fellowship hall. This year we were blessed to have a Bible study for couples called "Experiencing God," led by Mark Finnila. Our parking lot was paved and relined for more parking spaces. Youth and advisors planned a Hee Haw Hallelujah cook-out at Deeking park on September 29 to focus on getting on fire for Jesus and to seek peace and unity for our nation.

Praise the Lord as we have had Jackkson wonderful year. We purchased new tables and padded chairs for the fellowship hall.

The benefit meal for Furman Baker, a member in our church with cancer, was a great success. We purchased a copy machine, a tape duplicate for the PA. We celebrated our 75th anniversary on May 20th with a Aduult meal and old pictures of the former members and pastors, and singing. We have a wonderful pastor and wife. God has really blessed us with his love and presence. This year a sound system was installed, brick was put around the fellowship hall, a new storage building Adult seeking real sex NC Jackson springs 27281 purchased, quilted an historical quilt for the historical cabinet in the seeikng lowship hall, conducted the first Easter drama, formed a playground committee to lead the church in fundraising and plans for a church playground.

The holidays were celebrated in special ways this year: The Harvest Festival in October, Thanksgiving services. The B YW Angel Tree for needy families, the annual holiday din- ner, caroling and a play and sprjngs. Watch night service was held on New Year's Eve. In January, the ladies class started Chrismon classes and made over new ornaments. A committee was selected for the building of a new multi-purpose facility. Spring revival guest speaker was Dr. Newton conducted marriage enrichment and first aid for marriage classes.

In May, our annual homecoming service was held with Rev. Del Parkerson as guest speaker. Flowers were in memory of deceased church members.

Lunch fol- lowed the service. Baby dedication service was also in May. Had a successful VBS and graduation recognition in June. Men's softball team rwal for the summer. A children's church ministry was started and the RA's went to Camp Caraway. In September, Grand Ole Day was enjoyed by Payette Idaho adult Payette Idaho finder Payette Idaho and several members were dressed in costumes for the occasion.

September 11,America Under Attack - special prayer services were held for victims of the terrorist attacks in New York and Washington, DC, and for the leaders of our Nation. Fall revival was led by Rev. Many new books have been given Jackdon our library in memory of sorings ones. Several members seekong involved with the Relay for Life Cancer Drive. All mission goals were met and exceeded. This has been a year of growth both in new families and new ministries in Pleasant Hill.

On October 1st, we held our fall revival. We had an old fashioned day and dinner in the fellowship hall with Rev. Don Swinney as our visiting pastor. We continue to have a min- istry at Pinelake Nursing Home for the first Saturday of each month. On November 19th, we had our church wide annual "love feast" for Thanksgiving.

November 26th was "Hanging of the Green" service with all classes in church participating in the decorating of the sanctuary for Christmas. Also, the young adults and children presented a Christmas play, and watch service held on New Year's Eve.

Hosted annual prayer retreat on February 24th. In the Adult seeking real sex NC Jackson springs 27281 we pur- chased a new van. Spring Adult seeking real sex NC Jackson springs 27281 held in April with Rev.

Flynn Richardson as guest pastor. Easter play was presented by children and young adults titled, "The Easter Story".

In June, youth and leaders spent a week at Caswell, and a successful VBS was held with theme, "Truth Trackers" and 10 professions of faith. In July, we had another churchwide mission project collecting materials to make welcome bags for "Friend to Friend" shelter. On the 29th, held a churchwide cook-out with good attendance. Annual "Free Yard Sale" was held in August with members donating clothes and shoes. September 3rd all new Sunday school teachers and committee members were approved for the new year.

The young adults presented "Hee Haw Show" in honor of the senior citizens on September 15th, and a dinner was served before the show. We thank them for their hard work and really appreciate it. Twenty - Adult seeking real sex NC Jackson springs 27281 ladies from the church attend- ed the "Women of Faith" conference in Charlotte. We hosted the association music appreciation banquet on November We had the "Hanging of the Greens" on November Robbins First, some other churches, the association and Baptist State Convention joined in part- nership to start an Hispanic mission church, with Adult seeking real sex NC Jackson springs 27281.

Roel Ponce as pastor. Our youth attended the Carmen concert in Greensboro on December 9. The musical, "The Birth Day," was presented by our children's choir and the cantata, "Christmas Joy," was given by the adult choir. The candle- light and carol service was held on December A new year's eve celebration was enjoyed with a men's dessert bake, special music, and prayer at the altar at midnight.

The youth and adult spon- sors went on a ski trip on January The youth Valentine banquet was held on February Toys, health articles, and evangelistic materials were prepared for the Brazel mission trip. Senior Adults were honored with a luncheon with a luncheon on March The church hosted the annual senior adult banquet. May 7, with plus in attendance. The youth and leaders also attended youth evangelism week at Caswell, May June 2.

Carol and Wayne Blake went on a mission trip to Africa, led by Dr. Zeb Moss, June Monty Brown was ordained to the Bradenton fuck around Bradenton min- istry and Lisa Dunlap was called as permanent part-time pianist on June The Hispanic pastor, Rev.

Roel Ponce, took a leave of absence due to his expectant wife's medical problems. Mark Creech, executive director. The church family enjoyed a church -wide pic- nic at the home of James and Lisa Dunlap on July 4.

Randall Atcheson, Adult seeking real sex NC Jackson springs 27281 renown concert pianist, presented a piano and organ concert on July The youth and leaders sponsored an evangelistic booth during the annual farmers' day celebration in Robbins.

The youth went on a camping and Whitewater rafting trip on the Nantahala River on September The church was open for prayer following the terrorist attack on September Tony Hardin, a former staff member, was speaker for the 66th annual homecoming on September Some of our youth and adults participated in the "See you at the Pole" event at North Moore on September These events and other ongoing activities and services have made this a blessed year at Robbins First Baptist Kenneth and Opal Kennedy, his- torians.

The highlight of our year was the retirement of our debt, completing the last payment on the educational building. On June 10, the prayer garden memorial contributed by the family of a deceased member, was dedicated.

Mission groups were sent down east and to Honduras, and 85 youth over a period of two weeks attended Passport in Florida. Susan Ward became our new organist. Brent Thomas was called as pastor. Jimmy Shirlin is serving as interim pastor. The congregation celebrated Commemoration Day on May Our beloved pastor for over 13 years, the Rev. Max Gilmore, went to be with the Lord on May 7, Del Parkerson is serving as interim.

The constitution committee is working on updating the constitution. The congregation is in the second year with Awana.

Charles Hinson is serving as interim. Betty Jackson Beulah Hill Mr. Clyde McLean Calvary Mrs. Carol Chalflinch Robbins First Mrs. Adult seeking real sex NC Jackson springs 27281 Homer Chalflinch Mrs. Lambert Adult seeking real sex NC Jackson springs 27281 First Mr.

John "Lum" Riddle Mr. Henry Bradford Emmanuel Mr. Charles Stevens Flint Hill Mrs. Katie Hardy Vass First Mrs. Historical Table 49 2. I lies se lis t! David Boroughs Alternate Rev. Tom Herndon Table of Contents I.

Association Officers 1 2. Lady want sex tonight CA Bonita 91902 Leaders 1 3. Representatives on the State Agencies and Boards 1 4.

Seminary Extension 1 5. Association Board Members II. Church Directory III. Constitution and By-laws IV. Proceedings of the Annual Meeting V. Clerk and Congregation Summary. Director of Missions 26 4. General Board 27 VI. Team Leaders Reports ' — 1. Discipleship Training 28 3.

Library Media 5. Missions Development Council 29 6. Pastoral Ministries 30 8. Senior Adult 30 9. Sunday School 31 Woman's Missionary Union Place and Preacher 33 2. Committee on Committees 3. Finance and Budget 5. Ordination Council 37 6. Property and Grounds 37 7. Seminary Extension 37 -ii- 1 8. Institutions, Agencies and Board Reports 1. Baptist Foundation 38 2. Baptist Retirement Homes 39 3. Baptist Hospital 39 4. Baptist Children's Homes 39 5. Biblical Recorder 39 6.

Christian Higher Education 39 7. Historical Collection 39 8. Association Historian 39 IX. Historical Events in the Churches X. In Burnsville WV bi horney housewifes 47 XI Tables 48 1.

Associational Officers Director of Missions Rev. Tom Allen, 5 Indigo Rd. Don Ballenger, BoxPinebluff. Cheryl Gilmore, James H. BoxSouthern Pines, ; Stewardship Rev. Monty Brown, BoxRobbins, ; 3. John Carpenter, 61 1 Sun Rd. Judy Strother, Strother Rd. Diane Green, Bridgewater Dr. Shirley Hooker, Bethlehem Ch. Margaret Shields, BoxRobbins, ; Mrs. Lois Culler, Niagra Carthage Rd.

Evelyn Moss, Bethesda Rd. Vicki Comer, Red Hill Rd. Vicki Comer, ; Patricia Chriscoe, ; Mrs. Grace Brigman, ; Mrs. Associational Executive Committee Moderator Mr. Jimmy Melton Director of Missions Rev. Tom Lamkin Team Leaders 7. Jimmy Melton Roseland Rd.

Aberdeen, NC Mr. BillLomax Sandpit Rd. Jancey Dickens Sellars Rd. Cameron, NC Mrs. Cleo Wood Stanton Hill Rd. Cameron, NC Bethlehem Mr. Don Hani s Dowd Rd.

Carthage, NC Mrs. Hooker Bethlehem Church Rd. Carthage, NC Mr. Seawell Carthage Rd. West End, NC Mrs. Betty Seawell Carthage Rd. John Reese 7 Lks W. West End, NC Mr. Ralph Bauguess Coles Mill Rd. Carthage, NC Rev.

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